Boys to Men Club Performs Community Service

The Boys to Men Club at NJH visited the Courtyard Nursing Facility on April 12. During their trip, the group of young men handed out small bags that had been prepared by them at the school. Each resident received a bag containing fruit as well as a bottle of water. The group of guys, led by 7th grade math teacher Jermaine Thomas, visited the facility back in November 2018 and performed the same duty.

Mr. Thomas said that this is just one of the club’s community service initiatives. “I’ve taught these guys that it is wise to not only respect their elderly, but to also make themselves USEFUL by being of GOOD SERVICE to them as well,” he said. “We may be the ONLY visitor that some of them will ever get.”

The Boys to Men Club is an organization designed to teach youth males life skills that are not taught within the classroom. If you would like to contribute to the club, please feel free to email the club’s director, Jermaine Thomas, at or call the school at 318-238-0066 during regular school hours.

Pictured are: Jaylon Toussaint, Kamryn Garner, Jamarius Henry, Ronald Smith, Jaydian Snow, Mr. Jermaine Thomas, AJ Scott, Fred Jackson, Dequallin Newton, and Tyler Lucas.

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  1. What a distinguished group of young gentlemen! Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for your leadership of these young men.

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