LSMSA Junior Class honored at annual Ring Ceremony

On Saturday, April 13, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) recognized its junior class at the school’s annual Ring Ceremony.

Family members and friends braved incoming inclement weather to attend the event, filling the seats of the school’s Treen Auditorium. The group was welcomed by Executive Director Dr. Steven G. Horton and was given an opening address by Senior Class President Rachel Judson. Alumni Association Secretary Rachel Stanley (‘88) then gave the history and tradition of the LSMSA ring.

“The first Ring Ceremony was held on May 19, 1984, as a senior ring ceremony, and the tradition you experience today stems from that morning 35 years ago,” said Horton.

“The LSMSA Class of 2020 is the 36th graduating class to participate in the LSMSA Ring Ceremony,” said Stanley. “Ours is a rich tradition, and we are so glad that you have chosen to be a part of it.”

Following, the group were educated on ring etiquette by Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer Esther Seo.

After the opening statements, students lined up to receive their rings. Each student was individually introduced by Stanley and Seo, walked through a ceremonial ring arch on stage and were met by Horton, who greeted each student with a handshake and a congratulations.

“As each of you walk through this giant replica and receive your class ring, you cross through the threshold of the next chapter of your lives,” said Seo during her speech.

Students were then presented with their rings by family members, guardians, staff, faculty members, friends and, in two cases, the Robotics Club creation Dante the Robot. Each junior and their accompanying party were then able to take a photo on stage to commemorate the event. Photography was provided courtesy of Robert Frederick of Timebox Photography.

After the presentation of the rings, Judson provided a final address about her reflections as a senior at LSMSA.

“Cherish the people with whom you’ll share this time, because they are truly and honestly the best thing about this place,” expressed Judson. “These people are your family, and LSMSA will always be your home.”

At the end of the ceremony, Horton asked the junior class to stand one last time and be honored for their accomplishments, as well as their transition into becoming seniors at LSMSA.

Juniors recognized at the ceremony included: Nick Adams, Funke Adeleye, Alby Algawi, Allison Allsop, Coyt Bailey, Karan Baker, Joshua Bass, Chirstan Bates, Sophia Bennett, Lily Bennett Brown, Logan Bertrand, Ethan Bodden, Andre Bourque, Christian Bouton, Jayanna Brown, Athena Cai, Natalie Cambre, Alina Chaisson, Acacia Coker, Caleb Coleman, Heather Collier, Chad Cook, Madison Cook, Kylie Corcoran, Kamryn Courville, Mallory Credeur, Kay Creel, Marinna Curtis, Bri Day, CJ De Lara, Addison DeBlieux, Josie Dial, Derek Dupre, Leila Escoto, Brandon Espinosa, Pasha Farley, Stephen Faulk, Lucy Fonseca, Steely Forrester, Tyler Foster, Cayla Garrett, Natalie Gleason, D’Andre Goodley, Jack Granger, Elizabeth Granier, Mila Griffith, John Guillory, Ryann Hamilton, Makayla Harrell, Gavin Hatfield, Olivia Hawkins, Emery Haynes, John Heying, Trace Hilbun, Beatrice Hoang, Camille Hollier, Max Hopcraft, Victoria Howard, Case Johnson, Emily Johnson, Rowen Johnson, Tarun Kakarala, Nick Kaushal, Linley Kennedy, Brayden Kimbrough, Samuel Konur, Lizzie LaPonsie, Julianne Le, Kat Lee, Rita Lin, Christina Lo, Andrew Luse, Makayla Luzier, Lauren Mathews, Kyle McCleary, Victoria Meaux, Jason Min, Sara Mixon, Kelsie Moore, Sara Moore, Ciara Moroney, Isabel Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, Nash Nichols, Kelsie Noble, Madeline O’Conner, Drake Pelletier, Michael Plaisance, William Powe, Jakob Reeves, Maris Reno, Andrea Richard, Amaya Robinson, Andy Robinson, Jessica Robinson, Taylor Rutherford, Lucas Sanchez, Bailey Saucier, Madison Saucier, Harleigh Schneider, Sabrina Scott, Hannah Shimer, Anna Sloan, Sydney Sorbet, Siobahn Stanley, Kaitlyn Thompson, Eli Tomlin, Jaidyn Tuger, Kaylan Tyler, Caleb Tynes, Kylie Walker, Dana Ward, Cametrius Warren, Dylan White, Khenedi Williams, Larry Wilson III, Eden Wiltz, Nyi Woods, Skylar Yan, and Charles Zhang.

LSMSA offers a rich legacy and time-honored tradition of educating some of Louisiana’s best and brightest students. Interested freshmen, sophomores and juniors interested in being a part can apply for the 2019-2020 school year now at