NSU honors retiring department head at reception

A Retirement Reception was held May 3 for Dr. Paula Furr, professor and department head for the New Media, Journalism and Communication Arts Department at Northwestern State University. Colleagues and students attended the reception to honor a great leader at NSU.

Professor Emeritus Thomas Whitehead and NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio presented Dr. Furr with an engraved clock for her desk, so that she may never forget her time at NSU.

Dr. Furr retired from the military and came to NSU to teach in 1999. She had a few poignant words to say to those gathered around her in the Alumni Association building.

At his farewell address in 1951 Gen. Douglas MacArthur said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

Dr. Furr said the same is not true for department heads. They continue to re-emerge as adjuncts or other roles, which only speaks to their dedication to Northwestern and its students.

“We all have many chapters in life and I’m looking forward to my next chapter,” she said.

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