According to Kris: Shoes and Friendships

By Kris James

Stylers, I’m sure a few of you are just like me. We love shoes but hate buying them every season. This is mostly because I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way about the shoes next year, or even next month. Trends used to come per season, but now they’re moving so fast I can hardly keep up. I like to choose my shoes like how I would choose my friends. I know, one may never think to associate shoes with friends right? In reality, really good friends are like a great pair of shoes. Once you find the perfect pair you never want to let go. You work extra hard to keep them in good shape. Personally, I love my Calvin Klein rain boots. These are the only shoes I keep in the original box.

Last year I started my journey as a minimalist, not necessarily giving up all my clothes but investing more into the essential items I need. In this process, I realized I didn’t have any shoes I wanted to give away. I had already started purchasing timeless shoes. Most of my shoes are more than 5 years old, but because I spent a little more on quality they’re holding up longer.

“Why buy 10 cheap pairs of loafers when it’s better to invest in one great timeless pair,” I was thinking. This is a life lesson I use: “quality over quantity.” Like shoes some people are seasonal and some friendships are just like some of our favorite trends. Of course we love them and rely on them but eventually, they serve their purpose. Nothing is wrong with that. Just realize when they fade out, it’s time to let them go.

True friendship is like the Gucci Horsebit leather loafers. No matter how many seasons come and go they’re never going anywhere. A lot of us love wearing a specific brand of shoes and that’s because they give us this feeling of security and comfort. We all know, no matter how many times Nike releases the same Jordans, people will continue to buy them. It’s not about the shoe itself. It’s about the connection and the investment the shoe has with us. We rely on these brands just as we rely on people. With the right pair of shoes, you can elevate any outfit. By looking good you feel confident and great about being the best YOU. So if your shoes make you feel like that, why shouldn’t your friends too.

I have narrowed down 10 timeless classics that will continue to evolve with you in an ever-changing world. Just like the right friendships will never go out of style. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about my male readers.

Not every friendship is like a classic pump. Some are platforms and some go out of style, but they always come back when we least expect them. Doesn’t make them less epic.

“There are two things you can never have too many of, good friends and good shoes.”  unknown

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  1. I so understand your point of view. I am new to the area and although my dear friends in Ohio will never go out of style or my awesome timberland pink boots, I welcome the new adventure of finding the best fit for me in this brand new town called Natchitoches.

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