Candidates learn the hard way

Mistakes can happen and after a recent festival, one of the candidates for the upcoming Parish President election in October displayed a political sign. The City follows the state law Title 18-Louisiana Election Code RS 18:1470-Political advertising; prohibition, which states, “…political campaign signs shall not be erected, displayed, or posted on any publicly owned property or right-of-way…”

According to Mayor Lee Posey, the City enforces this, while treating candidates equally because people can get worn out on the number of signs they see during the political season.

3 thoughts on “Candidates learn the hard way

  1. This law needs to be challenged on constitutional grounds. Not being able to display a political sign on public property especially one tended by campaign workers during a public event infringes one’s right to freedom of speech, unattended signs and banners are a different matter. Enforcement of the law is correct however it needs to be changed.

  2. If the City and Parish are finally going to enforce this law, then hopefully they will do it uniformly. I will bet as the elections near, there will be signs on street corners and trees along state and parish roads. The least offensive sign would be a one day event at a festival. This has been allowed for many years like at the parish fair. There are still signs from a recent state appeals court on trees. I personally think there was no harm done with a sign and booth at a school fair!

  3. Yet! many dozens of political signs are placed in such spaces, on utility poles, etc…every election cycle.

    The one referenced here was at a festival and that meant it was temporary, displayed during the festival and not posted and left behind. What about campaign signs placed on vehicles and driven around? They are on public streets, are they banned too?

    My opinion/suggestion is this, as long as the signs don’t create a hazard, that is, block drivers’ view of traffic and IF such signs are immediately removed, like within 72 hrs of the election, they are okay. But, that’s my opinion.

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