Natchitoches Parish Schools will close today – Thursday.

This is a message from Dale Skinner, Superintendent of Natchitoches Parish Schools. Due to current flooding conditions, all Natchitoches Parish Schools will be closed today.  All schools will be open on Friday, May 10, 2019 unless you are notified of a closure. 

6 thoughts on “Natchitoches Parish Schools will close today – Thursday.

  1. So it’s the job of schools to provide free day care? Maybe if people paid real money to tend to our roads getting to school wouldn’t be a safety hazard.

    • No. Just an education. Can’t go around cancelling constantly for rain storms. No wonder kids nowadays cry about everything.

      • You’re wrong. Guess you haven’t been on parish roads lately.

        What other ignorant opinions do you have?

  2. Good thing schools are closed. Could you imagine all the wet shoes!!! It would have been a disaster! Mopping for hours…

    • Perhaps a lot of them would miss important work because they were flooded in. Perhaps many would just be assigned subs because their teachers, like myself, are flooded in. Perhaps busloads of kids may have been stranded because of road conditions.

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