Handel named provost, vice president for academic affairs at Northwestern State

Dr. Greg Handel has been named provost and vice president of academic affairs at Northwestern State University. The appointment is subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System.

“During his career at Northwestern State, Dr. Handel has demonstrated that he has all of the professional capabilities and personal characteristics to excel in the position of provost and vice president for academic affairs,” said Northwestern State President Dr. Chris Maggio. “I know he will do an outstanding job as he undertakes new responsibilities that are vital to the future success and excellence of our university.”

Handel has been dean of the College of Arts and Sciences since 2017 and was interim dean in 2016-17. He has been director of the School of Creative and Performing Arts since 2014 after eight months as acting director. Handel joined NSU’s faculty in 2008.

“I am honored to be chosen as provost and vice president of academic affairs, and look forward to serving the university,” said Handel. “NSU has a dynamic, gifted, talented and passionate faculty and staff that work tirelessly to be responsive to students and to progressively grow the academic culture of the university.”

Handel taught courses in music, music education and fine arts and advised more than 80 music education majors each semester. He also served as rehearsal accompanist/organist for Northwestern State’s Chamber Choir and Concert Choir. Handel received the 2011 Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies and Research. He has been a public school teacher at all levels in South Dakota and Arizona.

“This is an exciting opportunity to engage and dialogue with those individuals and departments to create new ways to expand our academic quality and integrity, and to work with advisory councils in assisting us with being responsive to workforce and industry needs,” said Handel. “NSU is positioned to continue as a leader in our region, and I am honored to be part of that conversation.”

Handel and Director of Bands Dr. Jeff Mathews co-authored “The Best Sounding Band in the Land: A History of the Northwestern State University Band.” He has also contributed to The Grove Dictionary of American Music and the Music Educator’s Journal. He is completing a publication, “Celebrating 50 Years of Community Commitment and Collaboration: The History of the Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Society.” Handel has been a regular presenter at state, regional and national professional conferences.

A graduate of Augustana College, Handel earned a master’s degree and doctorate at Arizona State University. He is a 2017 graduate of the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education: Institute for Management and Leadership in Education.

9 thoughts on “Handel named provost, vice president for academic affairs at Northwestern State

  1. This is my humble opinion. I do not have a PhD. I’m lucky to have a BS degree and that took me 75 years to obtain. I know nothing of his qualifications except his credentials look impressive and I personally know him to be a very nice guy who loves NSU. Unfortunately it seems to be a sign of the times that making unkind comments about someone over shadows the good manners to either congratulation someone or just saying nothing. I guess there are exceptions if you actually know something derogatory about an appointment and it is in the public good to bring the subject up not to just take up space on a forum like this. Please allow me to congratulations Greg. I think this is a win for NSU.

  2. This is good, if you like the band and stuff. As for the rest of NSU’s offerings, ya know, nursing, education, the degrees NSU is best known for, not so good.

    • You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. This is one of the best hires that NSU has made in a long time. He will be good for all of NSU’s academic areas. But thanks for your ignorant input.

    • In case you think he’s not qualified, maybe you should have read all the way to the last sentence.

      “2017 graduate of the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education: Institute for Management and Leadership in Education.”

    • Some of us are glad NSU is a leader in music and performing arts education. And who can predict if Dr. Handel will or will not be good for other degree programs? Earning his Ph.D. demonstrates how much value he places on graduate degree programs.

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