By Reba Phelps

One of the multitudes of joys that my friends bring to the table is the fact that we all have our own nicknames for each other. We each have a nickname that is completely identifiable and specific to our gifts and talents or location in which we were born and raised.

We have a “Pollyanna” who is always so positive and cheerful. We have a “Black Lake” who can take care of business. We have an “Indian Giver” who is notorious for giving something away and taking it right back later. We all know that she will get a refund. We have a “Cane River Queen” who is just that, our Queen. We have an “American Girl Doll” and “Garanimals” friend. She earned this name because she is so small and can probably still wear a size 4T.

Sometimes we will even add fictitious middle names that do not appear on any of our birth certificates. “June” and “Nicole” are two of my favorites.

If the old adage is true, “he who has many nicknames is well loved,” then we truly love each other with our whole heart and soul.

Many years ago my friends awarded me the nickname, “Wordologist.” Although, I am quite certain this is not a technical or legitimate term, the title carries a lot of responsibility and heartfelt burden at times.

Over the years I have penned many eloquent break up texts. So eloquent and genuine you didn’t even have your feelings hurt. I have penned the utmost of professional emails to possibly accompany unpleasant news or sometimes happy news. I have written obituaries. I have authored poems for birthday cards. I have drafted rebuttals to texts and emails to respond with pure love but in a direct nature so there is no mincing of words. I have written radio ads that could rival anyone in the business.

A “Wordologist’s” work is never done. Retirement is not in my future.

I always put myself in the other set of shoes and respond accordingly. Personally, and unfortunately, I need information delivered to me completely double coated in sugar. If it isn’t sugar coated then it leaves so much open to interpretation and I am a complete over thinker. If it is not dripping in sugar and plain as day then I will have ten thousand questions and probably hurt feelings.

I never said I was normal.

As you can see words are utterly important in my life. Words are just as important in other walks of life too. Words have actually started wars and even ended wars. Words can rip into your soul and change the way you look at yourself and ruin your day. The wrong words can also leave scars that may never heal. The right words can bring joy to your spirit, lift you up, bring you comfort and make you feel as though everything will be okay.

There is no doubt, there is amazing and awesome power in words.

Regretfully, over the years I have learned first-hand that there is one significant dilemma with words.

Anyone can speak words and make them seem beautiful, truthful and eloquent. A truly seasoned speech writer can turn the most unpolished politicians into silver tongued devils within the delivery of one speech. Anyone can make empty promises with words. Anyone can make vows and not keep them. It is just words.

If there is no action to accompany these beautiful words it is merely fruitless. If there is no thought behind your words then you have accomplished nothing. If love is not present in your words then everything we do is in vain.

As much as I try to live up to my title of, “Wordologist”, at the end of the day I am more hopeful that I am teaching my daughters to be a woman of their word and let their actions show love as much as their speech does.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth”  – 1 John 3:18

3 thoughts on “Wordologist

  1. I have learned that some people do not stand by their word even as it comes out their mouth. This still amazes me people can be like this. Why even promise things they know they will never make good on. It’s a waste of time, energy and words that makes empty hopes. Believing in others words can definitely hurt!

  2. “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it. -Albus Dumbledore

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