Bullets to Bats: Baseball in the Civil War

Join the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum for “Bullets to Bats: Baseball in the Civil War,” a presentation by Mansfield State Historic Site Park Manager, Scott Dearman Saturday, May 18 at 2 pm. Dearman will trace the evolution of baseball from the mid-nineteenth century through the Civil War. From the early days of “Town Ball” to the current game of baseball, the game has evolved into “America’s Pastime.” The American Civil War played a major role in the proliferation and mass appeal of the game. This event is free and open to the public.

One thought on “Bullets to Bats: Baseball in the Civil War

  1. Abner Doubleday is credited with inventing baseball. He was a Union general during the Civil War. Historians now debunk the idea he invented the sport, but it is readily accepted he helped to make it popular.

    Another Civil War-sports story of interest involves the Confederate regiment the 3rd Louisiana Infantry. There is documented proof that they engaged in a rougher sport than baseball when in camp that looked a lot like football. Maybe it was more like rugby. But a few historians have dubbed “The Bloody 3rd” as inventors of a sport that looked a lot like modern football. Makes sense for a bunch of Louisiana boys to play football!

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