Connecting to Purpose “How a magnifying glass can shape the patient experience!”

On a busy weekday, Kirby Peddy was assisting with MEDSURG Intake and Case Management at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center. All of a sudden a patient called her into a room as she was walking by the door. The patient was an elderly woman, who was attempting to complete a crossword puzzle. Peddy could see she was uncomfortable and not in a good mood as she walked in. She proceeded to tell
Peddy to sit down and that she needed help reading her crossword puzzle because the writing was too small. She mentioned that she normally uses a magnifying glass at home, but did not get to bring it with her to the hospital because she came by ambulance. Peddy assisted her with the crossword puzzle for a few minutes then went on about her work.

An hour or two later, Peddy saw a nurse assisting the patient. Everyone got somewhat of a “kick” out of how demanding she was about completing her crossword puzzle. Everyone was also quite busy that day and unfortunately did not have time to assist her with her crossword puzzle for an extended period of time. Peddy and several nurses mentioned how they should get her a magnifying glass since they collectively could not serve as her “magnifying glass” all day. Peddy made a quick trip to the hospital’s gift shop, and, low and behold, they had a magnifying glass for sale!

Peddy bought the magnifying glass and brought it upstairs to share with the nursing staff and the patient. Everyone was ecstatic to see that she had found one, especially due to the size, it was quite large. Peddy took it into the patient’s room and you would have thought that she gave the patient a million dollars. She was so happy the rest of her stay and kept thanking everyone for the magnifying glass.”

Moral of the story: The little things often times matter the most when it comes to making someone feel better and more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation!

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