According to Kris: When Your Fashion Takes Flight

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday Stylers! Summer is just around the corner and after the grey gloomy winter we can agree it’s time to book those trips to that dream location you’ve been eyeing. But in truth, a vacation is just another reason to experiment with our summer aesthetic. Silky fabrics, breezy flowing blouses, and hats are perfect pieces for any temperature. Of course, swimwear and shorts are a must, but what about the items that will have you Instagram ready? Idk about you but I’m excited about taking a vacation. It’s a time for you to relax and chill out, so let’s not stress about our fashion. Keeping it fresh and effortless is always a great way to start.

If you’re like me, packing can be tricky. I’m so last minute. But I’ve learned the best way to start is to plan it out. Most of the time I use my destination for inspiration when shopping. I love to create looks that tell stories. When you’re traveling to different places you become a part of each trip’s story. Keep in mind that you want to pack for comfort with lightweight clothing because we all know bringing extra bags can get pricey. I have one cousin who loves to pack four or five bags when we travel, but always has to go shopping because she has nothing to wear.

Plan your details out from start to finish: what you’re wearing each day, what accessories you need to pack and my favorite what shoes you can take. Of course, you might want to pack all your shoes but you can’t. My tip is to pick two or three different styles of shoes that you know will complete all your looks. At the least, have two neutrals and one fun pair. One more thing to remember is that your traveling outfit is just as important as your vacation pieces. Nothing screams “I hate my life” more than getting caught in a gas station or the airport in your pajamas. Never assume that you will never see anyone because someone is always watching. Make a stylish impression everywhere you go. For travel, I think oversized items are the ultimate go-to. Any kind of knit is comfy and soft and great for packing.

The other night while online looking for my favorite items I ran into this long cardigan dress and I knew my stylers would love it. It’s so casual and yet, so chic. It reminds me of something I saw from a Chanel runway show. I didn’t forget about my male Stylers either. The short sleeve printed button down is my favorite. It gives me a Miami Vice vibe. Putting together two items for this article quickly turned into twenty, but I had to decide on nine summer essentials.

Not all trips end on beaches, some are in the woods glamping, some are in the city sightseeing, and some are in the desert stargazing. Whatever your dream spot is, I hope you realize one of my items is the missing link to your vacation wardrobe.

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