ATV ride ends in tragedy

On May 14, the Natchitoches Police Department received a call reporting that two juveniles were involved in an ATV accident. NPD officers report that the juveniles, ages 9 and 2, were riding an ATV when for unknown reasons lost control and collided with a parked vehicle. The 2 year old tragically lost his life and the 9 year old is listed in stable condition. The Natchitoches Police Department’s thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

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  1. Thank you Jason G for speaking out to me. I need that attention. You can state your opinions as much as possible, but give the family a time to grieve for this child. We don’t have to show our ugliness to others and ourselves, be as it may. The Lord gives it and the Lord takes it away. Let us be silent in things that we say publicly. There are more important issues out there that need to be discuss. I am not perfect, but believe in God and try to do as Jesus say. I don’t put any man down, because that man can put his self down. I wonder how many of us have done stupid stuff that could have led to some injury or death. I look at all issues and reflect about what could have and what should have. Show your Christian side. Stay away from condemnation of others. Remember, Christ die on the cross for all our sins – past, present, and future.

  2. While I feel terribly sorry for the parents, IF they allowed their 9 year old to take their 2 year old for a ride on their ATV and the law states that 9 years old is below the legal age to operate an ATV, then they broke the law. What we are supposed to do when the law is broken, is prosecute the person who broke the law, no matter how bad we feel for the person. Why in the world did the parents allow this? It is one of the most careless things I’ve heard of in a long time. When you become a parent, you have to use good judgement in every thing you allow your child to do. You aren’t there to only see that your child gets to do all he wants, but to train that child that some thing are dangerous and they should not do them. Ever heard of teaching safety. Now if I’m wrong, and the 7 year old got the key, and the 2 year old climbed up on the ATV by himself, I’m wrong, but I still say where were the parents? Were they not watching their children?

    I believe if the parents broke the law, this was no accident, they should be held accountable in what happened to their child. My child died from an illness, and I grieved, but I was not responsible. They grieve, but if they were responsible for that baby’s death by allowing the 7 year old to take the ATV with the 2 year old along with him. They broke the law. We don’t pick and chose who to prosecute. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me, but we have to follow the laws of the land. Do we allow law enforcement to decide who to prosecute and who to let go. If we do, we are treading on thin ice.

  3. At times like these we speak out our negative thoughts in private, but to speak about the parents now/in public is totally inappropriate. I am very sure that they feel bad enough. Stop throwing stones. I read these same old people with negative remarks constantly. I wonder how your life is. Satan always keep his family and friends near in the public life. You really need to pray for yourselves – those who are always throwing stones. Keep these parent in prayers and good thoughts. God have their back. Do he have yours?

    • I agree with Harry’s sentiments, would you hand a 9 yr old a loaded gun and tell him to go play with it? Maybe YOU would Margie, and then be one of those, after some kid is killed, to tell others to mind their own business.

      Operating ATVs on public streets is ILLEGAL. Do you also support criminal activity? Mostly we cannot expect kids, a 9 yr old and a 2 yr old, to exercise good judgement. That is usually the role of adults, and especially parents. We’re suppose to pray for the parents? What about the 2 yr old now DEAD?

      I mentioned I saw a UPS truck nearly kill 4 kids on a golf cart. Well, I did speak with a parent, the owners of the golf cart, and reported what I saw. That parent acted like I disturbed her, like how dare I bother her, her only reaction was “well, I’ll tell them to be more careful.” For the record, those kids never changed their reckless behavior on the golf cart.

      Maybe if more kids get killed some of you might decide it’s actually a problem.

  4. Everyone has their own opinion but when you don’t know how or what happened you need to keep your opinions to yourself

  5. The police don’t care because Natchitoches doesn’t care. No one will hold them accountable. And no one will hold the parents accountable.

    Would you give the keys to your car to a 9 yr old and allow him to drive your 2 yr old down the highway?

    Would you hand your 9 yr old a loaded gun and tell him to go play with his 2 yr old brother?

    You say NO to both of those? Great! now also keep your kids off of 4-wheelers, and golf carts on public streets.

  6. The police themselves ride ATVs around our city streets without helmets on! Nice message to send out to the kids, great role models!

  7. These parents need to be arrested for child neglect. A 2 year old has no right being on an ATV. This is beyond infuriating!

  8. you must be 12 to operate a atv in Louisiana on public land
    so this operate was operating illegally.I also see a lot of young kids
    operating atv’s and side by sides in the Village west of the city limits.
    I supoose these parents are drunk or just don’t care.And you are correct
    the police in the village don’t care either you see all the time people operating

  9. Gonna happen again too. While ATVs are worse because of the speeds that can go, another danger are the kids on golf carts in the middle of the street. Saw a UPS truck nearly run over kids on a golf cart as they darted out of a driveway right in front of the truck. Thankfully the driver was alert and avoided killing 4 kids.

    Now, one might say, well those kids could have been on bikes and got hit if they were careless. That is true. But I have seen kids on golf carts, and worse, ATVs, behaving a lot more recklessly than they would on bikes.

    Besides it is against the law to operate unlicensed motorized vehicles on public streets. This incident was kids hitting a parked car, obviously on a public street. The Natch Police do nothing, which is their standard MO, and now a 2-year-old is dead. The PD send out their thoughts and prayers? How about doing your job and stopping this.

    Mostly, I blame the parents. Good job there, eh!

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