Eight Vehicles involved in Catastrophic Crash

Shortly before 7:30 p.m. on May 20, 2019 the Natchitoches Police Department responded to a crash scene involving multiple vehicles. The crash, located at Keyser Avenue and East Fifth Street, required officers to close the intersection down for several hours while they conducted their investigation.

Brandy Wiley, black female, 38, of the city was charged with negligent injuring, reckless operation, and improper lane use and disobey red light. Wiley was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center where she awaits bond.

Also involved was Brittany Payne, 29, of Natchez, a 16 year old juvenile of the city, who sustained moderate injuries, Ellen Walker, 60, of Natchez who also received moderate injuries. Additionally four parked vehicles were also struck during this devastating event.

Tragically a 3 year old child, who was an occupant of one of the vehicles, was critically injured in this crash. The child was airlifted from NRMC to another medical facility.

The Natchitoches Police Department is monitoring the condition of the 3 year old and additional/upgraded charges are pending.
No further information will be released at this time.

Approved for release by Chief Dove Date: 5/21/19

23 thoughts on “Eight Vehicles involved in Catastrophic Crash

  1. I read all the reasons (excuses) as to why she was driving so fast, endangering others as she drove at speeds that should be reserved for race tracks. Did she not think of people on the cross streets crossing Keyser when their light turned green. When my husband had a heart attack, I call 911 and the ambulance was there in minutes. Calling those three numbers would have saved a child’s life, and gotten her finance to the hospital in a timely manner. People need to use common sense. She didn’t, so there is no excuse for what she did. Some citizens find too many ways to excuse people who break the law.

  2. If the police started writing tickets like you people are talking about,all of YOU posting would be here complaining about that!

  3. 90 MILES AN HOUR?!!!!! I don’t drive that fast on the interstate! What kind of person drives like that in town? During that time of day on a busy street like Kyser? SMH

  4. Yes, dear police officers, start writing more tickets, that may deter drivers from breaking the rules. Thanks.

    • It works! Drivers slow down on I-49 when they enter DeSoto Parish because they know those guys in the green SUVs are lurking. Drivers slow down in Woodworth and other known “speed traps” because tickets have been, and will be, written. In Natchitoches drivers obviously don’t fear getting a ticket. It happens, but not as often as it should. And as I posted below, other offenses continue because the NPD has been completely inept at dealing with them.

      Maybe Natchitoches is not unique in this. Have had people tell me traffic violations are worse elsewhere. I have driven in places like Houston, Dallas, and others and yeah, it’s a free-for-all on freeways! Like the old Demolition Derbies. But doesn’t mean we have to tolerate lousy driving here.

  5. People should not make rude comments. Pray for everyone involved. Praying everyone will be ok

    • You are so right. I accidentally met this womans Aunt today at Hobby Lobby in Longview, Tx. when I heard her telling this to a co worker…I told her I have to pray for everyone. Evidently on Sunday she was planning a trip with their church for the Sunday school children. The next day she and her fiancee were talkjng over their wedding plas when he started to show symptoms of a heart attack. Brandy knew the digns znd threw him in the car in a race to get to the hospital. Yes..she was way over the speed limit and ran the light…and her Aunt said that the child who was critically injured was the daughter of her best friend. What are the odds of that? Her fiancee is on the hospital and is beside homself with grief. So is the entire family. People need to pray for everyone involved. It is tragic.

  6. You with all the assumptions, please wait. There’s more to it than what appears. I know her personally and this is definitely NOT her normal

  7. speeding to get home as fast as one can, to get pass all the holes not being fixed–

  8. if Natchitoches wrote as many speeding tickets as Robeline does
    they would be rolling in dollar bills.It seems from canes all the way out to
    Point place is a drag strip rarely see any cops around.

    • Steve Johnson, please don’t make those type of comments towards this young lady. This doesn’t sound like her at all. Something or someone had to cause this type of action from her.

      • Yeah. I’m sure she has a great excuse for almost murdering a bunch of people including a kid. My wife and kids drive through that intersection every day. To think a POS like this could have killed them infuriates me. So sorry. I’m gonna judge!

      • Well she murdered someones baby, so…. I guess I am a terrible person for judging someone who kills babies.

  9. Driving in excess of 80 mph, red lights didn’t matter. She must have been on a mission to self-destruct and didn’t care who went with her.

  10. The intersection of Hwy 1 bypass and University Drive is another intersection that motorist seem to disregard red lights!!!

  11. Yep ran a red light……we could solve all our revenue problems if they would start writing tickets for running red lights.

    • And writing tix for loud pipes, someone told me a 1st offense is $500. And operating illegal ATVs in the streets. And loud music. And all the various moving violations that occur around here.

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