New ROV appointed for Natchitoches Parish

The Parish received 16 applications for the Registrar of Voters position. A committee comprised of Council members Russell Rachal, Patsy Hoover, HR employee Cathy Creamer, and Council Clerk Cheryl Fredricks interviewed 8 candidates. They used an objective point based system where no one knew the scores of the other committee members. This insured a fair selection process.

The final three applicants were presented to the Council at its meeting Monday night, May 20. They are in order of their interview score (highest to lowest): Kecia McConathy, Kathrin Holden, and Debbie Tebbetts.

A motion was made to approve McConathy as the new Registrar of Voters. While McConathy’s interview score was 30% higher than Holden’s, Council members Rodney Bedgood, Chris Paige and Hoover voted against her appointment. Instead, Hoover moved that they appoint Holden as the new ROV.  Council members Doug de Graffenried and Rachal voted no, but the motion passed with a majority vote.

6 thoughts on “New ROV appointed for Natchitoches Parish

  1. I don’t know any of the council members, however, I do know a bit about employment law. How in the world does a government office get away with this kind of treatment? Have any of you ever heard of a little agency called the EEOC? Perhaps not, as this is Louisiana after all. And we wonder why this state lands at the bottom year after year.

  2. Why hold elections at all if the voters don’t consider the ratings. Sounds like the “good old boy” system working at its best. Certainly not objective.

  3. Clearly a case of political shenanigans. Probably didn’t violate any laws, as stupidity in hiring practices is not against any law, I am aware of, but unethical? Most definitely.

    This same Parish Council will ask for future tax increases with a “trust us” tag. Yeah…right!

    Now we’ll see how well the ROV office runs. Well, if Ms. Debbie Tebbits remains, she will be the one actually running the office while this Holden person sits back and draws the big paycheck. That’s how it works in government, ya know.

    Just ask NSU…

    • Well part is that 3 of them don’t understand percentages! Can’t run a budget if you don’t understand numbers!

  4. Question for Bedgood,Paige and Hoover. I’ve sat on dozens of hiring committee’s for a company with a budget 10x the budget of the council. 100% of the time we hired the best person for the job. I and many more want to why you would hire someone with a score of 30 % lower then the another applicant? Or pass over a person with years of experience and currently filling the position and doing a great job?

    I really don’t expect anyone of you to have the guts to answer me,but I have to put it out there!
    If you three really care about the parish,you will resign at the next meeting and allow the parish to get past the damage you’ve done

    Waiting for your response!

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