It’s never too late to earn a degree

It’s been a long time coming, but for one instructor at the CLTCC Natchitoches Campus, the dream of earning a degree has become a reality.

Randy Caskey is an instructor for CLTCC’s new AMT Program, developed by Northwestern State University, Northwest Louisiana Technical College and Central Louisiana Technical Community College. It’s a work-based learning program that will allow individuals to earn an associate of science degree in engineering technology while they are employed with a sponsoring manufacturer.

Randy earned his own associate’s degree at CLTCC’s graduation ceremony on May 17 through a program offered to faculty to encourage them to boost their credentials. It’s been 40 years since Randy was a student. He previously graduated from high school and earned a certification in industrial instrumentation from a technical school in Minden.

After working in the industry for 30 years, Randy’s career was starting to wind down.

“Through the years, not having a degree limited what I was able to achieve,” he said.

When he heard about the new AMT program something clicked and Randy knew he wanted to help young people develop their careers.

“It’s not just about the technology,” he said. “Teaching students gives me the opportunity to help them develop into the type of employees companies are looking for in the workforce.”

“I’ve always been impressed with my dad,” said Randy’s son Craig. Just when I thought that this guy couldn’t be any more of a role model, hero, etc., he goes and graduates from college. I was yelling ‘Go Dad!’ The family and I were so excited while he was as calm as usual as he wore his honors chords around his neck.”

The CLTCC Natchitoches Campus extended a hearty congratulations and kudos to all its CLTCC graduates who beat the odds is so many ways.

“My students were excited for me,” said Randy. “They were pulling for me. I’m not just the instructor. We’re a team and we’re all in it together. The AMT Program offers a whole new innovation in teaching. The students need it, the companies need it, and the state needs it.”

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