BOMFS donates candy to drug court

BOM Financial Services is honored to donate chocolate candy to the 10th Judicial Drug Court. This candy is used as incentives for drug court attendees. Pictured left to right: Jennifer Campbell, Commercial Lines Department, Merry Byers, NPSO, Clinton Dunn, NPSO and Gina Banks, Personal Lines Department.

3 thoughts on “BOMFS donates candy to drug court

  1. isn’t the incentive of going to court is doing the right thing
    and not having a bench warrant ?

  2. Now why would drug court need candy as an incentive? Maybe the writer of this piece should have asked him/herself the 5 W questions, who, what, when, where, & why before submitting for publication.

    • Some people really like candy…. Maybe it’s not an incentive to come to court, but to come to classes/meetings.

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