Memorial Day in Natchitoches

The Flag Garden on the Downtown Riverbank was recently initiated by the Veterans of Forgein Wars (VFW), The American Legion (AL), and the auxiliaries. This week, Mayor Lee Posey encourages everyone to take this special opportunity to add a flag in remembrance of our fallen soldiers.

Flags 12-18″ may be placed behind or beside the flags already there, and may stay until Fri., May 31.

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at 3 pm all are invited to the Natchitoches Parish Veterans and Memorial Park (2nd & Church St.) with a reception to follow at the VFW/AL Hall. While we are enjoying our holiday, let’s pause to remember those service men and women who sacrificed everything for the benefit of all Americans.

When we place a flag in the Flag Garden, or at a Memorial Day service, stand together with families, friends and Veterans, who suffer the loss of a loved one or comrade in service to our country, or fly a flag at our home or business, we show that at least today, we remember “Freedom isn’t Free.”

One thought on “Memorial Day in Natchitoches

  1. Thank you Mayor for you recognition and support for our service personnel and veterans .

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