NPD Arrests Suspect In Connection with Illegal Dumping

A surveillance video that had been forwarded to the Natchitoches Police Department in reference to a citizen improperly or illegally dumping non-recyclable materials into recycle bins located near the public works facility was reviewed by authorities. The primary suspect involved was identified as Mr. Melvin Mitchell of the city who was contacted and issued a summons to appear in court for a violation of Natchitoches City Ordinance – Illegal Dumping.

The Natchitoches Police Department is urging all citizens to comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to disposal of recyclables. All future complaints shall be thoroughly investigated and violators risk potential arrest. Any citizen requesting to report an illegal dumping may contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101. All calls shall be kept confidential.

4 thoughts on “NPD Arrests Suspect In Connection with Illegal Dumping

  1. Dane !! look at you lady L. Hell I remember changing oil over a storm drain
    and you still see people around the parish throwing a couch or refrigerator on
    the side of the road.

  2. Good. You’ve ID’d him. Now treat the case like you would any other and give him the maximum fine for illegal dumping and maximum number of hours of community service. Make sure his community service hours are all picking up trash around town. There are some areas (and we all know where they are) that could use a good clean-up.

      • 1) Fairgrounds Road. Litter in the ditches beside the road is so bad, water can’t drain properly when it rains. The result is widespread flooding in apartment complexes and neighborhoods. 2) Parking lots and drive-thrus for restaurants on South Drive. Why do some people feel the need to dump their garbage in the drive-thru? I can think of 4 fast-food places that have trash cans just a few feet past the pick-up window, but some people can’t be bothered. 3) Walmart’s parking lot. I know there are workers who collect carts and do general clean-up. My biggest gripe is with people who leave a diaper full of feces on the ground and then drive off. Or crawfish shells. Or chicken bones. Or the remains of their BK combo. There’s no excuse for laziness.

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