The “Summer of ’69” Comes Back to Natchitoches

By Kevin Shannahan

The Cammie G. Henry Research Center, located on the 3rd floor of NSU’s Watson Library, hosted an opening reception for its new historical exhibit “The Summer of ’69” on Thursday, May 30. The exhibit features items from the era loaned by area residents as well as news accounts of the year’s events from the library’s extensive newspaper collection. A selection of hit songs from 1969 played throughout the event.

Head Archivist Mary Linn Wernet and Assistant Archivist Sharon Wolff both wore outfits inspired from the time. Watson, the library’s mascot, sported a Woodstock T-Shirt, long flowing locks and a pair of sunglasses loaned by NSU faculty member Dr. Susan Dollar. Phillip McClung loaned a vintage Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt in pristine condition. The “Summer of ’69” exhibit captures the zeitgeist of a unique time in our history. From the Vietnam War to the moon landing and a changing popular culture, 1969 was a pivotal time in our history.

The exhibit will run through mid-September and is one of several that have been staged throughout the past year with more coming up. The Cammie G. Henry Research Center is truly one of the hidden gems of Natchitoches. The center is open 8-5:00 Monday through Thursday and 8-noon on Friday.

4 thoughts on “The “Summer of ’69” Comes Back to Natchitoches

  1. A Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt in pristine condition! That’s a truly prized piece of history. I wish I’d been born about 25 years before so I could’ve fully enjoyed that culture.

  2. Phillip has never left the sixties! What will he wear while his tee-shirt is on loan? Lol

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