According to Kris: Dress Your Guest When They Say I Do

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday stylers! It’s June so you know what that means. It’s wedding season. Who doesn’t love June weddings? But what can be more overwhelming than getting married? Try being a guest! I’m here to tell my stylers that brides shouldn’t request a dress code out of fear their guests will show up in anything.

Just a few years back my sister and I were facing the same problem. She was having an evening wedding but knew most of the people on the guest list didn’t know wedding attire etiquette. Me being me, I stressed the issue. I wanted a black tie dress code but she didn’t want to pressure her guests to dress so formal. We compromised with a request for black and white attire. For the most part, guests respected this request. If having a dress code goes along with the vision of your wedding that’s great. But in reality weddings can be costly and who wants to spend money on people who don’t respect you. It’s time we guests step up our game.

I know sometimes the invite doesn’t give a dress code but use your best judgment. Men should always look appropriate and dress in a suit and tie. You can never can go wrong by dressing up. It’s the perfect time for ladies to pull out that LBD (little black dress) that fits your body perfectly. Or try a full-length jumpsuit if you want to keep it modern. Ditch the big bag and go for a smaller one or something more fun. All you need are your keys, cards, ID, and lipstick. Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Jeans and shorts are never appropriate at a wedding, no matter the time of year. So respect the couple by putting in the effort. To play it on the safe side simply read the invitation. The venue location and time of day will give you a few clues that will help you look your best.

Small tip: always checks the time of the wedding. If the wedding is before five this means informal is the best way to go (sundress, skirts and tops, even pants). Heels are not required but a sexy sandal or wedge will complete any daytime outfit. For my guys, chinos or slacks with a tucked in shirt (a must) works great. You can always finish this look up with a casual suit blazer. Loafer or oxford style shoes will give you a polished, finished look.

Evening weddings can be just as much fun. If your invitation doesn’t say “black tie” you have endless options and possibilities. Cocktail dresses are great and fun but ladies shouldn’t be afraid to skip out on showing a lot of legs and switch it up by going for a classic sexy look. With the right jewelry and shoes, the focus won’t be on the bride for the whole night. For the men, darker colored suits or tuxedos are fine but make sure they are tailored. It’s important to always look dapper. If the wedding is after six I strongly suggest wearing a tie. You’ll thank me later.

Weddings are a happy occasion so of course, if we’re invited to share this love, we’re just as important as the wedding party. Dressing your best shows respect not just to the couple but to yourself. Getting dressed up doesn’t have to be stressful. Just use my guidelines. I would hate to look back on my wedding pictures in 20 years thinking, “Who invited these people”?

Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for the night without looking like you are wearing a costume. – Vera Wang

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  1. Wow! That sweet and sexy little blue dress in the center photo! Perfect wedding attire. Can’t say the same about the floral coat in upper right corner. Too clownish. But the stunner in the long yellow sheath…. Classic but with a unexpected punch of color. And finally, the draped back of the fiery-hued dress shows why God made a woman’s back one of her loveliest parts. Would be at home on the red carpet anytime.

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