Lakeview Air Force Junior ROTC Cadets Enjoy Curriculum in Action Trip

The top 45 cadets of Lakeview High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) conducted a Curriculum in Action Trip to Joint Readiness Base (JRB) on May 20-22 in Fort Worth, Texas. Selection for the trip was based on the Cadets’ positive behavior in academics, uniform wear, attendance, tardies, discipline, community/school service, and physical fitness for the entire school year. The purpose of the visit was to reinforce aerospace science, aviation history, and leadership education learning objectives from this academic year. The cadets were also introduced to numerous military and civilian career opportunities and were able to watch aircraft pre-flights, taxi, and take-offs. The trip also allowed the senior cadets to gain hands on experience in leadership, teamwork, and communication.

The JRB tour included tours of aircrew life support facilities, an F-16 maintenance depot, an Apache helicopter maintenance facility, and an aircraft munitions maintenance loading area. Cadets were provided hands on learning of supplemental oxygen systems, egress systems, survival equipment, aircraft flight control surfaces, maintenance procedures, and weapons capabilities. The cadets also planned and conducted leadership activities including a visit to the base indoor aquatic pool. The trip was sponsored and supervised by Major (Ret) Bob Kellogg, Lakeview’s Senior Aerospace Science Instructor. Chaperones were Mrs. Lona Frazier, Mrs. Danielle Sullivan, and Mrs. Cindy Kellogg.

Lakeview High School Air Force JROTC Cadets visited an F-16 Aircraft Maintenance Facility as part of a 3-day Curriculum in Action trip to Joint Readiness Base, Fort-Worth, Texas.

Pictured on first row from left are Cadets Kain Custis, Joshua Graham, Blake Smith, Ethan Smith, Zack Favela, and Salem Johnson. On second row are Cadets Zykeious Manuel, Olivia Litton, Dominick Rachal, Gage Ybarra, Dacoda Coutee, Shakayla Browder, Amber Hembree, Gabe Johnson, Emma Hatten, and Tierra Stacks. On third row are Cadets Thomas Norman, Da’Marcus Rivers, Morghen Demery, Liberty Collins, Zoie Britt, Edward Smith, Charley Litton, Myla Porter, Devin Ballard, and Ethan Nelson. On fourth row are Cami Faircloth, Jaron Petite, Altorio Holden, Taylor Coutee, Riley Williams, James Owens, Meagan Corley, Jo Porter, Ashlee Key, and Destinee Britt. On fifth row are Carleigh Tune, Lance Smith, Shanetta Williams, Mathew Johnson, Duston Humphries, Alexia Adams, Micah Martin, Allison Anderson, and Zack Gorham.

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  1. Whoa, how much fun was all that?! Nothing gets the heart pumping like an Apache, unless its a fighter jet. Congrats to all of you on your achievements and thanks to sponsors and chaperones. I hope all of you pursue your dreams. The opportunities are endless in aviation, aerospace, and technology.

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