Local Company Highlighted by National Report for Louisiana

David McGraw purchased a small piece of land in Natchitoches and started raising crawfish in 1985. At the request of a friend to shipping to the East Coast, David soon saw the opportunity to expand his relatively small operation and begin shipping crawfish to markets and restaurants all over.

In 1998, when the Louisiana Crawfish Company launched its first website, David started to reach individual consumers which has become the majority of their customer base today.

Presently, Avery Smith, David’s daughter, operates the business as CEO. She has expanded internationally by using search tools, like Google Ads and YouTube, to increase the knowledge about their crawfish and other specialty food products.

What started as a small family-run rural farm is now the top distributor of crawfish in the state with more than $2.1 million in sales through the search engine.

Louisiana Crawfish Company announced that it was highlighted in the search engine’s tenth annual Economic Impact Report – a report that showcases how businesses, publishers and nonprofits across the United States are using the search and advertising tool to connect with the people and communities they serve.

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  1. What makes this business special is the people that work there. They love their work, and care for their customers; they are totally invested in what they do.

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