According to Kris: 7 Gifts for Any Dad

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday Stylers! I just wanna take a minute to thank my readers who have been following my column every Wednesday for the past 10 weeks. Your reactions and feedback motivate me to continue to push the envelope. I hope we continue to grow and style together.

Now back to business. With Sunday being Father’s Day, most dads get ignored. Let’s be honest we really never think about it until it’s too late or too expensive to overnight a gift. Luckily, if you’re anything like me Amazon Prime is your best friend! I’m so last minute with everything, but I know if I place an order on Wednesday before 12 pm, I know it should be here Friday and that’s just something you can’t beat.

Of course, every Dad is different and the real tricky part is finding a gift to match his interests. If he’s a handy guy that doesn’t mean you should go buy him another toolset. I have an uncle who has a shed with everything you’d possibly ever need in life. So getting him another toolset would be pointless. For the business dad please DO NOT buy him another ugly tie. Yes, I said it because it needed to be said. Seems like dads are left behind when it comes to fashion.

One tip I strongly suggest is listening. People will tell you what they like and need all year long just in conversation but of course, we are often so overwhelmed with our lives that we never take the time to listen. Listening costs nothing. It’s free! I’m told all the time that I’m the hardest person to shop for but if you listen and really hear what people are interested in, it makes gift giving so much easier and stress-free. The best part is the person will appreciate it more.

Don’t worry I made it easy for you. I have chosen 7 gifts that any dad will love.

Key Locator

This is the best gift for the forgetful dad. Help your favorite guy keep track of his keys in a new way. It pairs up with any smartphone and tracks its location.

Indoor Grill

This is a great gift for the Dad who grills year round.

Darth Vader Waffle Maker

This kitchen appliance gives “Luke I am your father” a new meaning. Because what guy doesn’t love Star Wars.

Record Player

If he’s the nostalgic type your Dad will love this. I personally have one and love it. To make this gift even better get his favorite artist on Vinyl.

Watch Case

This is the perfect gift for the discerning watch collector in your family.

Leather duffle bag

Give your dad something to travel with in style. I was gifted one years ago and it was the best gift ever. I just unpacked it from my trip last week.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

I personally think this is a great gift for any guy that’s into fitness or any person who cares about their health.

Regardless of what type of pops you’re shopping for, come Sunday one of these special gift ideas are guaranteed to leave the big guy with a smile.

“Be the type of man you’d want your daughter to be with” – Unknown