Battle of the Badges Cookoff and Dunking Politicians Makes a Memorable Farmer’s Market

By Kevin Shannahan

Kevin’s Gallery

There was no shortage of family fun to be had in Natchitoches Saturday, June 15. The Natchitoches Farmer’s Market hosted the annual “Battle of the Badges” cookoff between the Natchitoches Fire, Police and Sheriff’s Departments. The contest featured chefs from the three departments grilling burgers using ingredients and sides purchased from the many vendors at the market. It was a hard fought contest worthy of a hit cooking show as firefighters, deputies and police officers scoured the Farmer’s Market for ingredients and sides for their burgers. The judges had a hard time indeed picking a winner from three sets of superbly cooked burgers with some really innovative touches (the NPD’s use of blackberry jam with jalapenos on their buns was an ingenious idea.) After some debate and further tasting, the judges named the Natchitoches Fire Department the champion grillers for the second year in a row.

As the Battle of the Badges waged on, local public officials were participating in some watery fun for a very worthy cause. The Natchitoches Humane Society sponsored a dunking booth in which local officials, politicians and candidates could be dunked by softball wielding citizens with proceeds going to help the Humane Society with its mission. Mayor Posey, Sheriff Jones, Councilmen Eddie Harrington, Dale Nielson and Don Mims were joined by several city officials and candidates for office in taking turns in the booth. One young lady, a little league pitcher with deadly aim and an arm like Nolan Ryan, splashed every person who sat in the booth. The Natchitoches Parish Journal would like to commend the men and women who were such good sports by taking a turn in the booth. The fundraiser garnered over $700 which will be put to good use in helping take care of our parish’s animals.