LA Sports Hall of Fame will hold 6th Anniversary Celebration

Help the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum celebrate its 6th anniversary on Saturday, June 29 from 2-4 pm. Explore the museum and check out its latest exhibit, “The Plantation Photographs of Robert Tebbs”. This family fun event includes ice cream, crafts and outdoor games. Drinks and ice cream provided by FLASH.

6 thoughts on “LA Sports Hall of Fame will hold 6th Anniversary Celebration

  1. It is ugly but I have never been inside it or do I tend to go in it.
    If the historical society is going to make rules as they go along
    they need to stop.I remember you used to have to get permission just to paint your house or do construction on your house.

  2. how in the heck did they get permission to build that ugly thing ?
    it was probably a kick back.I thought that area is part of the historical society
    need permission just to paint a house.

    • The property was, and is. owned by the State of Louisiana, who selected the Architect and paid for the construction. Natchitoches city government only had the choice of accepting the project, or seeing it built somewhere else in the state. .

    • Property owners should just ignore that mess. Do what you want with YOUR property. The Historic District lost what little legitimacy it had when they allowed that hideous building to be built.

      But! it can be salvaged. Just put a façade on it.

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