Bills Signed by Gov. Edwards

June 17, 2019

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2019 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 264—SB 9 Removes certain future employees of the Regional Transit Authority from the system and state civil service.

ACT 265—SB 19 Provides relative to criminal history record information obtained by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

ACT 266—SB 67 Creates the Mid City Economic Development District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 267—SB 81 Provides relative to definition of fire employee.

ACT 268—SB 98 Provides relative to expungement.

ACT 269—SB 105 Provides for the powers of all gravity drainage districts.

ACT 270—SB 130 Provides for an exception to the use of electronic or audio recordings by court reporters in New Orleans Civil District Court to hearings regarding protection from abuse, assault, and stalking.

ACT 271—SB 143 Provides relative to driver licenses.

ACT 272—SB 149 Authorizes the state of Louisiana to sell or transfer certain state property.

ACT 273—SB 152 Provides for truth in labeling requirements of agricultural products.

ACT 274—SB 158 Provides for the creation of local special education advisory councils.

ACT 275—SB 165 Provides relative to promotional and competitive tests provided by municipal fire and police civil service boards.

ACT 276—SB 166 Provides relative to physician assistants.

ACT 277—SB 185 Provides relative to amendments of child support orders.

ACT 278—SB 188 Provides relative to the bonding authority of the Greater Lafourche Port Commission.

ACT 279—SB 216 Creates the State Land Office Reforestation Fund.

ACT 280—SB 238 Provides for abortion clinic employees to be mandatory reporters of human trafficking and certain sexual based crimes to law enforcement and provides for the additional postings of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline information.

ACT 281—HB 196 Exempts the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board and the State Board of Architectural Examiners from time limitations for disciplinary proceedings by professional and occupational boards and commissions.

ACT 282—HB 277 Requires the commissioner of alcohol and tobacco control to suspend or revoke permits of certain alcoholic beverage dealers for failure to pay taxes.

ACT 283—HB 356 Provides relative to visitation of inmates with serious bodily injuries at certain healthcare facilities.

ACT 284—HB 358 Provides relative to marijuana for therapeutic use.

ACT 285—HB 359 Provides relative to the crime of looting.

ACT 286—HB 575 Establishes requirements for transportation network companies.

ACT 287—HB 89 Renames the Northwest La. Technical College as the Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College and provides for an expansion of its mission and educational program.

ACT 288—HB 14 Prohibits certain employees from rejoining the Firefighters’ Retirement System and Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 289—HB 29 Provides relative to the payment of health insurance premiums for certain retirees of the Hazardous Duty Services Plan in the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 290—HB 47 Provides relative to the crime of improper supervision of a minor by a parent or legal custodian.

ACT 291—HB 50 Provides relative to the destruction of certain court records in city court.

ACT 292—HB 74 Provides relative to computer-related crimes committed against the state.

ACT 293—HB 86 Includes in the definition of “bona fide resident” honorably discharged veterans of the United States armed forces.

ACT 294—HB 141 Provides relative to motorcyclist profiling training for peace officers.

ACT 295—HB 157 Changes requirements for Class “E” temporary instructional permits.

ACT 296—HB 162 Provides relative to the administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate to sex offenders.

ACT 297—HB 163 Relative to responsibilities for actions related to sequestration of carbon dioxide.

ACT 298—HB 185 Provides relative to the registration of persons convicted of terrorism offenses and offenses against peace officers.

ACT 299—HB 204 Provides relative to Medicaid provider fees assessed on nonpublic providers of emergency ground ambulance services.

ACT 300—HB 214 Provides for the computation of time allowed to seek review of decisions by the Dept. of Environmental Quality.

ACT 301—HB 217 Increases certain special permit fees and dedicates the proceeds of the fee increase into the Construction Subfund of the Transportation Trust Fund.

ACT 302—HB 220 Provides relative to the collection of fines.

ACT 303—HB 247 Provides for use by licensed retail dealers of a real-time age verification system authorized by the commissioner.

ACT 304—HB 263 Provides relative to loss years for purposes of the net operating loss deduction for corporate income tax.

ACT 305—HB 269 Requires a license for taking alligators and eliminates the additional license for an assistant to an alligator hunter.

ACT 306—HB 285 Provides for worker’s compensation for volunteer reserve police officers.

ACT 307—HB 287 Provides relative to the issuance of reasonable notice to the Louisiana Department of Health upon judicial commitment following judicial hearing.

ACT 308—HB 296 Provides relative to training for law enforcement officers and first responders with regard to Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions.

ACT 309—HB 298 Provides relative to payment of insurance premiums for certain sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office.

ACT 310—HB 306 Provides relative to continued custody hearings.

ACT 311—HB 307 Provides relative to bribery and intimidation of public officials and law enforcement officers.

ACT 312—HB 333 Creates the State Use Council for the Purchase of Goods and Services Provided by Individuals with Disabilities and institutes “supported employment provider” in laws on public procurement, public contracts, taxation, and work release programs.

ACT 313—HB 368 Provides relative to the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board.

ACT 314—HB 369 Creates the Louisiana Trucking Research and Education Council.

ACT 315—HB 387 Increases the salary of the district attorney.

ACT 316—HB 403 Provides that certain election days shall be public school holidays in certain parishes.

ACT 317—HB 411 Provides for insureds to have the option to choose a particular motor vehicle repair shop.

ACT 318—HB 415 Provides relative to driver’s license reinstatement.

ACT 319—HB 434 Provides relative to definitions, policies, and procedures of Medicaid managed care organizations.

ACT 320—HB 487 Limits the amount of adoption fees in certain cases.

ACT 321—HB 531 Provides relative to the powers granted to the chief of police for the city of Opelousas.

ACT 322—HB 553 Provides relative to the Lower Ninth Ward Economic Development District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 323—SB 191 Provides actions for damages against real estate appraisers, appraisal management companies, and real estate appraisal companies.

ACT 324—HB 69 Provides relative to the membership of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry.

ACT 325—HB 203 Provides relative to privileges on immovable.

ACT 326—HB 376 Provides relative to sentencing when a defendant possessed, used, or discharged a firearm in the commission of certain offenses.

ACT 327—HB 379 Provides with respect to applications of minors applying for driving privileges.

ACT 328—HB 385 Provides relative to purse distribution.

ACT 329—HB 406 Creates the Fairwood Crime Prevention and Improvement District.

ACT 330—HB 424 Provides relative to denials of provider claims and prior authorization requests by Medicaid managed care organizations.

ACT 331—HB 507 Levies a 7% tax on the gross sales of therapeutic marijuana and dedicates the avails into the Community and Family Support System Fund.

ACT 332—HB 536 Provides relative to the licensing of free standing birth centers.

ACT 333—SB 47 Requires the assistant secretary of OMV, not later than October 1, 2020, to establish, operate, and maintain commercial motor vehicle information systems and to deny or revoke commercial motor vehicle registration under certain circumstances.

ACT 334—SB 49 Provides relative to activities of out-of-state trust companies.

ACT 335—SB 50 Provides relative to the petition for incorporation.

ACT 336—SB 54 Provides relative to the Louisiana Health Works Commission.

ACT 337—SB 55 Provides for an exemption to the Louisiana Weights and Measures Law.

ACT 338—SB 59 Adds physician assistants to persons eligible for reduction to their individual income tax.

ACT 339—SB 62 Requires the board of commissioners for the Calcasieu-Cameron Navigation District to meet once a quarter.

ACT 340—SB 66 Provides relative to open meetings of public bodies.

ACT 341—SB 68 Provides relative to search warrants.

ACT 342—SB 69 Authorizes the Louisiana Department of Health to sell or transfer title to certain property.

ACT 343—SB 72 Provides for an additional member to the board of commissioners of the Ernest N. Morial – New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority.

ACT 344—SB 82 Provides relative to the Louisiana Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention Law.

ACT 345—SB 88 Provides relative to the workers’ compensation medical treatment schedule.

ACT 346—SB 92 Provides relative to the board of commissioners of the Iberia Parish Hospital Service District No. 1.

ACT 347—SB 96 Provides for membership of the board of commissioners for the Gentilly Development District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 348—SB 101 Provides relative to state banks and immovable property.

ACT 349—SB 102 Authorizes an increase in court costs in the mayor’s court of the town of Livingston.

ACT 350—SB 115 Provides relative to exercise of rights and conducting of operations arising from co-ownership of land and mineral rights.

ACT 351—SB 119 Creates the Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council.

ACT 352—HB 92 Provides relative to the membership and voting requirements of the Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission.

ACT 353—HB 106 Provides relative to the Right to Farm Law.

ACT 354—HB 138 Provides relative to certain substances in the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.

ACT 355—HB 184 Provides relative to offenses committed at school or recreation athletic contests.

ACT 356—HB 236 Authorizes certain parishes to name a sports complex in honor of a living person.

ACT 357—HB 323 Creates a crime prevention district in the Monticello neighborhood in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 358—HB 348 Provides relative to public-private partnerships.

ACT 359—HB 494 Provides relative to the determination of where sales and use taxes are due on purchases of certain raw materials converted into asphaltic concrete.

ACT 360—HB 547 Provides relative to collection of sales tax on remote sales.

ACT 361—HB 567 Provides relative to Louisiana Transportation Authority and Department of Transportation and Development toll violation enforcement.