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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of some of the $ going to NSU. Doesn’t NSU have enough money from students’ tuition and state funding?

    • It is a misconception for one to think that tuition and state funds alone provide enough dollars for NSU to function. Outside revenue sources are pivotal. Same for any other college or university. The mayor in his interview even mentioned that TIFF taxes in other college towns have also benefited the local university.

    • NSU drives ALL business in this town. ALL!!! Do you really think that a crap hole town like this could have all the hotels it does if it weren’t for NSU filling them? They make their money off of NSU, so why not invest some of it back? If NSU declines or goes away, Natchitoches would literally die. It would be Campti full of abandoned buildings. Bottom line!

      • Are you quite sure there aren’t other cultural events, i.e. festivals and historic sites that contribute to the town?

        And, personally, I think there are plenty of empty and dilapidated buildings.

      • A tif tax is one big gamble! Could go good or bad. Depends on how the money is used. ROI Return on investment that doesn’t happen here. It’s risky at best.

      • Regarding those festivals and historic sites, if you take away the tax base created by 11,000 students and 700+ employees who would not be in Natchitoches spending money were it not for NSU – not to mention the economic impact that the University provides for Natchitoches by hosting countless events annually – there would not be enough funding to have those festivals or maintain those historic sites. Or at best they would be a shell of what they are now IMO. Steve Johnson, thanks for continuing to hammer home the point that Natchitoches’ lifeline is NSU and while some individuals and businesses truly do acknowledge that and support the school, there are still too many that do not.

      • So, the nearly 20,000 permanent residents don’t contribute to the local economy? It’s ALL NSU, huh? Wow!

        Of course, now I am even more confused. We are told Natchitoches is a retirement community. We are told Natchitoches is a Top 10 tourist destination town. But apparently none of that amounts to a hill of beans. Okay, got it.

        Note: yes I know some of that 20,000 residents are employees of NSU and wouldn’t be here otherwise.

      • But Jason, it is NOT a top retirement destination or a top 10 tourist destination. Unless of course you include when we win a vote on, or some other BS website or E magazine. Otherwise, no we aren’t. People can say it all of the time, but it is absolutely not true. I’ve been hearing that for 25 years, yet the city NEVER grows. It is all smoke and mirrors.

      • Sure thing T… What did you base that on? Just something you know? NSU has about 4,500 full time, traditional students that live in Natchitoches. I’m sure that 4,500 people spend less than we think… lol Keep trying.

      • Of those 20,000 permanent residents, I’ve heard 50% live below the poverty line so their “contribution” is nominal at best. That’s not to say some locals don’t contribute to the economy so yes, it’s not all NSU – never said that – but NSU is the economic driver for Natchitoches.

      • Most of those live at home with their parents. Do they drive the timber business? Do the drive the farming business? How many compressors do the buy? How many new cars do they buy? Do I need to continue?

      • Timber, compressors, etc. – one of the major reasons those companies (i.e. Alliance) choose Natchitoches is for “quality of life.” A university is what best gives Natchitoches or any other small town the “quality of life” that those companies are seeking for their employees.

      • No qualms here with saying that NSU does not drive “all” business in town and my post at 6:34 p.m. on June 22 states as much. To hit the rewind button, my initial post was in response to a post that said NSU doesn’t need to receive any of the proposed TIFF tax because it already receives tuition dollars and state funding. TIFF tax or not, I wanted to make the point that those two revenue streams alone are not sufficient for NSU, or any other college or university, to operate. I added that NSU being the main economic driver (again, not the sole driver) for Natchitoches emphasizes the importance of the school’s need to receive outside support from various sources (i.e. donations, attendance at events, sponsorships, etc.).

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