Public Hearing will address Proposed 1% Sales tax for District C

The City of Natchitoches will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 24 at 4:30 p.m. at the Natchitoches Municipal Building located at 560 Second Street. The purpose of the public hearing is to address any questions or concerns pertaining to the Proposed 1% Sales Tax for Economic Development District C.

Those with questions are encouraged to attend, but should also know the public hearing will be live streamed via the Natchitoches Parish Journal at CLICK HERE – > Natchitoches Parish Journal

6 thoughts on “Public Hearing will address Proposed 1% Sales tax for District C

  1. Why didn’t they say from the start half was going to NSU? They always try to hide something..they will listen to what the public has to say,then do it anyway. Then in a few years they will say the people where overwhelming in support of it. This is not going to a be a dedicated tax,at some point they will use it to build birdhouses or something!

  2. Sorry Matt you don’t get an opportunity to vote. Our elected officials decided for us. I still don’t understand why 50% of the money will be given to Norhhwestern. Our tax dollars are already supporting the college. Maybe the need to tighten their budget. We will get an opportunity to vote in the next city election.

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