Parish Council to Consider Police Jury form of Government vote



Tuesday, June 25, 2019 5:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Invocation
4. Pledge of Allegiance


5. First Adoption of Proposed Ordinances:

A. Council to consider Introducing Ordinance 010-2019 to consider putting on the ballot to let the People of Natchitoches Parish to decide for the current form of Government or the Police Jury form of Government.

6. Adjourn

Public Hearing will be July 1, 2019 at 5:30 pm.

29 thoughts on “Parish Council to Consider Police Jury form of Government vote

  1. What u gonna go back to something that never worked to begin with,doesn’t make sense to me ,leave this alone!!!!!!!

  2. This is ridiculous, the form of government is not the problem. The people in the position of power are the problem. Our HRC is like a bunch of junior high kids, trying to move up in a clique. Fighting, power struggles, and the list goes on. Time to wipe the slate clean and start over with people that actually have the voter’s best interest at heart.

  3. This totally makes our Parish look like a joke. We need younger and more innovative minds on the Parish Council. Where there is no vision the people will perish. Our Parish is perishing under this lack of leadership. Please take the time to email or call your Parish Councilman and express your outrage over this complete waste of time and energy.

  4. I agree with most of the sentiments expressed here. It’s the elected officials that count more than the form of government. Having said that, the Police Jury is an antiquated system. It’s not 20th century, it’s 19th century. Home Rule Charter is much better.

  5. I don’t think there needs to be another vote. We voted Police Jury vs Home Rule Charter and the HRC won. With a PJ we will have six more sucking at the trough wanting pay, medical insurance, retirement and whatever else they can get. People need to understand, it’s not the form of government, it’s the ones running it. Elect people to run this parish like a business; which it is. And remember, the last time I looked, money doesn’t grow on trees, If you want roads, you gotta pay for them. Place a parish tax to take care of roads. Progressive places have good roads that are either for with taxes or tolls or both. Like I said it ain’t the form of government, it’s the brains running it that’s the problem.

  6. Total waste of time and money but then again those pushing this haven’t done anything to make the HRC a success anyway.

  7. The problem is that everyone who win an election is not qualified for the position. Our current parish council proves that everyday!

  8. If this comes down to a parish-wide vote AGAIN! and again, we vote for the current system, then those board members who want the PJ back should immediately resign and never run for office again. Do the parish a favor, for once. I agree with those saying, it’s not the system that is broke, it’s the people running it.

  9. Personally, I look forward to voting for the HRC again, because when a return to the Jury system fails a second time, by state law, it cannot be brought before the voters a third time. Let’s quit jawing with ignorance and shove it back in the ballot box once and for all. Bring it!

  10. I’m sure most people are against the police jury form of government for the parish. If we could just get the right people in office—having a heart to change things—we will be better off.

  11. The police jury works great in other places but not here!
    The home rule charter works in other places but not here! WHY?
    The people have already decided leave it alone get the right people in and give it a chance.

  12. I considered the Police Jury form of Government when I voted against it years ago. My answer then was NO! It’s still NO!

  13. Alright. First off, if we go back to pre-1983 Police Jury operations, yes. Then, the elected representatives actually went to a persons residence, looked at the roads THEMSELVES, and then called the road crews foreman/supervisor, and they checked on it together, and formulated a plan. Around ‘84, a road maintenance supervisor was formed, and took the elected representatives out of the loop. Many of the reps don’t want this, because they would actually have to go back to work, instead of making meetings, and running their mouth. And without relieving the parish from having to fund so many entitlement programs, there will never be the money to maintain the roads we have.

    • That’s because in 84, the Road Maintenance Supt position was mandated by the Louisiana Legislature to formally undo the good ol boy Jury network of “you vote for me and I’ll fix your road and driveway “. A “Red Book” of laws and parish procedures was created to protect all tax payers from croneyism. Guess why the old jurors want it back? To get rid of the term limits the HRC imposed and to re-increase their salary and benefits.

  14. Going back to the Police Jury system of government won’t help generate any more money to repair roads. The problem seems to be with some of the people in office. This problem can be fixed by voting in people with modern ideas who can work together to get things done. An election also costs money, which parish government does not have.

  15. Frazier, the new system is worse. You now have 10 people making $100,000 a year with retirement and benefits and administrative assistants. It’s not “ beating a dead horse”, it’s cleaning the horse shit out of the stalls…..

    • Show us a copy of the budget with 10 people making a $100K. No, seriously, I’d like to see it and see who these people are. I support the President and 5-member counsel system over the Police Jury but do not support parish employees making that kind of salary. If this is true, I want that changed. Thanks.

      • And I agree with this too. Actually, I’m sure the budget is online somewhere. It should be, since it’s a public entity.

      • Yes, the budget is online. I skimmed it (it’s 97 pages) so I might have missed it, but I didn’t see a listing of each position separated out. It has total “Salaries & Wages” and then benefits, by “funds.” For instance under Highway (roads) a total of $775,000 is shown for S&W for 2019 budget. But that doesn’t indicate how many employees total are included in that amount. Might be 20 folks, I don’t know. That’s an average of $39,000 if that is the case.

  16. Fraser you are soooo right … we voted for the new form of parish government & do not want the old police jury …. very evident that 3 jurors like the old police jury but have lost their power with the new form. Very petty people not caring about the parish .. & ain’t gonna be no mo $$$$$$

  17. The voters of Natchitoches Parish have already voted. They favored the new, current form. Why are we beating this dead horse? The old system was not working.

    • Apparently because one of the useless former members has stirred some of the worthless current members up enough to force a vote. This is as ignorant as the City Council voting to build a park they can’t afford to operate. The police jury was an antiquated, corruptible system that didn’t work then and will not work now. But please, let’s vote on it one more time. Vote no then quit listening to the idiots that mismanaged your tax money before.

      Did my words hurt some of your feelings? Then I’m talking to you, as my daddy used to say, “If the shoe fits, wear it!”

      • I agree with the first three comments!
        1. We have already voted on this issue and the Parish Council and President was selected by the entire Parish.
        2. The people causing the problem are the former “police jury” members who refuse to work with the Parish President and the other members of the council, to improve our parish. They sabotage every effort made to make improvements!
        3. The Police Jury form of government is what got us into the problems we have with roads and finance issues. It DID NOT work, and the people of the Parish knew it then and still do!

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