Parish Council moves forward with voting on Police Jury versus Home Rule Charter

The Special Called Parish Council meeting was short Tuesday evening, June 25. The meeting was called so the Council could consider Introducing Ordinance 010-2019 to consider putting on the ballot to let the People of Natchitoches Parish to decide for the current form of Government or the Police Jury form of Government. It was also publicized that a Public Hearing would be held July 1, 2019 at 5:30 pm.

The Council’s attorney said the date for the public hearing is too soon in regards to the Home Rule Charter, which states the public hearing must be set after 4 weeks have elapsed from the time of the introduction. Council Clerk Cheryl Fredricks then informed the Council that the Secretary of State’s Office needed the approved ordinance by July 9 in order to get it on the ballot for the October election. The soonest it can be put on the ballot with the required time constraints would be the March/April runoff for the general election. Fredricks said she will check on the exact dates with the SOS Office.

Councilman Doug de Graffenried was absent from the meeting. Russell Rachal motioned to approve the introduction of the ordinance and Chris Paige seconded it. It was passed with yes votes from all present.

A public hearing should be set some time in August and the Council will be able to cast its final vote at the August Parish Council meeting.

One thought on “Parish Council moves forward with voting on Police Jury versus Home Rule Charter

  1. Even though I favor the Home Rule system, I say go ahead and let them have the second vote on
    HRC or Police Jury. However, I suggest that IF by some WILD chance PJ gets the majority, the current
    council should resign and let all new folks serve on the board. Prove to us its not about them but what they think is best for the Parish. Also if HRC wins AGAIN, Shut up and do your job or resign!

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