Is a leave of absence a common thing?

The NPJ has received numerous inquiries from the public asking whether a tax payer-paid employee running for office should take a leave of absence. To answer, we ask current and former political candidates this question about their campaigns.

Stuart Wright- Currently running for Natchitoches Parish Sheriff

Signed paperwork in June to use vacation days up to August when his leave of absence will begin

Tim Key- Ran for City Marshal

Took a leave of absence when he officially qualified and abstained from campaigning while on duty with the Sheriff’s Office leading up to the qualifying

Danny Hall- Ran for Sheriff

The first time he ran a leave of absence was taken from the DA’s Office. The second time he quit his job in order to campaign

4 thoughts on “Is a leave of absence a common thing?

  1. If it is not REQUIRED that leave be taken then why is this an issue? Is there a policy that states a leave of absence has to be taken or using vacation time while running a campaign? Why not report what the policy is regarding campaigning while in a tax payer funded job? Or is there one at all? Sounds like some more mudslinging going on.

  2. If a person who is running for office can’t do the job he/she was hired to do and interferes with the job, then take a leave of absence. But if the job is still being done, and done well, then what’s the problem? Why should a persons time “off the clock” dictated because he/she is running for an office? Legally it doesn’t, that’s why people all across America exercise this campaigning right all the time, to include the President of the United States!

  3. Much ado about nothing.

    John Richmond has a track record, only about 6 months, but a record. Is he doing a good job in his current capacity? Is he neglecting his current duties and campaigning instead? I haven’t seen it.

    His opponent, Lee Waskom, who I respect as a local businessman, is not out on the parish roads day after day trying to do something.

    I say leave this matter to we voters. If enough voters think Richmond not taking leave of absence during the campaign is an issue they will send that message in the voting booth.

  4. Lets just be straight up. This is about John Richmond and those who want to beat this dead horse. When is the last time you remember a vice president resigning to run for president.

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