LSMSA 2019 Social Service Weekend-Coming Home to Help Out!

The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts Alumni Association held its annual service weekend June 5-6 at the school’s campus. Over 140 alumni, families, and friends of the school gathered to work on service projects for their alma mater. The alumni cleaned classrooms, pressure washed and painted among other projects.

The alumni association was formed in 1985 and boasts over 5,000 members. The service weekend has been an annual tradition since 2008, and has saved the school-and the taxpayers-thousands of dollars over the years.
The LSMSA hosts 356 students from every corner of Louisiana in grades 10-12. The school teaches its courses at a collegiate level and has articulation agreements with colleges and universities throughout Louisiana and beyond that enable its graduates to begin their college careers with advanced standing. In addition to its superb programs in the arts, the school teaches seven languages as well as math through differential equations. Natchitoches parish has traditionally had a strong presence at the school, with over 20 young men and women from the parish attending next academic year.

Not all the volunteers are LSMSA alumni however. LSMSA board member and LA District 51 Representative, Beryl Amedee and her husband were on hand and pitched in by washing a several vans and a bus. It is a measure of the bonds of community fostered by the LSMSA that her alumni come home each year to help their school. The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts is a force for good in our state, and indeed our nation. 

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  1. A shout out to the slums and friends who helped out at Social Service Weekend this year. Thanks!

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