Troop 60 Celebrates 3 New Eagle Scouts at Court of Honor

BSA Troop 60 (Natchitoches) held a special Court of Honor on June 27th, recognizing 12 youth for advancements, including three new Eagle Scouts. Since the December 2018 Court of Honor, Troop 60 Scouts earned a total of 7 rank advancements, 61 merit badges, and 10 Eagle Palms. Caleb Martinez, Stephen Wheat II, and John Martinez III each earned their Eagle Scout Rank, the highest rank in BSA Scouting. Earning the rank of Eagle is a significant accomplishment: only 4% of Scouting’s youth attain the highest rank, which requires more than 300 different requirements and an Eagle Scout Project that provides selfless service to the community.

Troop 60 Scouts spent a very active 6 months on their individual Trails to Eagle. In January, Scouts participated in the Iditarod Scout Race and earned first place ribbons in the “Camp Gadget” and “Troop Spirit” competitions and third place in “Fire Starter.” The Troop visited Dr Perez-Mira at NSU and Scouts earned the Programming merit badge under her excellent tutelage. In February, Scouts represented Troop 60 on Scout Sunday, welcomed members of Pack 20 to a meeting, and spent time with Professor Hyams in the Art Department at NSU to earn their Art merit badges after planning, 3-D printing, and finishing their creative designs. In March, Scouts opened the State Finals of the American Legion Oratorical competition for the second year in a row by posting the colors and listening to the state’s best young public speakers. They also celebrated an Eagle Court of Honor for Griffin McFarland; helped John Martinez III and Caleb Martinez complete their Eagle Project installations; served by helping the Friends of the Library with their book sale clean-up; and attended a Methodist Men’s Breakfast to talk about Troop 60 activities. In April, Scouts attended the Order of the Arrow Spring Fellowship and campout; completed the Scholarship merit badge, worked on any merit badges they hadn’t finished, and made progress on their knotwork with the trebuchets. In May, Scouts visited Southern Stone Climbing Gym for an overnight lock-in; completed the Oceanography merit badge; helped Stephen Wheat II complete his Eagle Project installation; participated in the flag ceremony at the Natchitoches Memorial Day remembrance event, and celebrated Pack 20 Arrow of Light Webelos in their cross-over ceremony. Finally in June, Scouts finished the trebuchets, launched water balloons across the Wesley Center parking lot, and spent a week at Kinsey Scout Ranch for summer camp, where they were real leaders, living the Scout Oath and Law every day.

At the Court of Honor, the following Troop 60 Scouts were recognized:

Alex Eldridge, who earned Art and Programming merit badges and his Scout rank.

Austin Dees, who earned Citizenship in the World, Programming, and Art merit badges, completed his Eagle rank Project paperwork which has been approved, and served as a staff member at summer camp.

Caleb Martinez, who earned Art, Aviation, Basketry, Leatherwork, Oceanography, Programming, Public Speaking, Shotgun Shooting, and Weather merit badges, and was celebrated for earning his Eagle Scout rank and three Eagle palms. Caleb’s Eagle Project was to repair and beautify the flagpole at Marthaville School, which he transformed into a functioning and respectful flag display with lighting.

Gabe Matuschka, who earned his Art and Oceanography merit badges.

Griffin McFarland, who earned Lifesaving, Motorboat, Programming, Public Speaking, Scholarship, Oceanography, Shotgun Shooting, Red River Rifles, and received his fourth Eagle Palm.

Jacob Miller, who earned Art, Aviation, Basketry, Nature, and Weather merit badges, and was recognized by the Nature staff with an award at Camp.

John Martinez III, who earned Art, Basketry, Programming, Nature, Oceanography, Shotgun Shooting, and Weather merit badges, and was celebrated for earning his Eagle Scout rank and three Eagle palms. John’s Eagle Project was to create a garden in front of the Marthaville Health Center, which he transformed from the plain edge of a parking lot into a colorful and nurturing space for children seeking medical attention while at school.

Koda DeBlieux, who earned Art, Programming, Lifesaving, Oceanography, and Shotgun shooting merit badges, and earned his First Class Scout rank.

Noah Martinez, who earned Art, Basketry, Citizenship in the World, Programming, Fishing, Leatherwork, Oceanography, Personal Management, Shotgun Shooting, and Red River Rifles, and completed his Scoutmaster Conference for First Class Scout.

Sawyer Anderson, who earned Citizenship in the World merit badge.

Seth Leach, who earned Metalworking, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Welding, and Red River Rifles, and successfully passed his first Board of Review at camp, earning his Tenderfoot rank.

Stephen Wheat II, who earned Camping, Cooking, Citizenship in the Community, Environmental Science, Family Life, Oceanography, and Personal Management merit badges, and was celebrated for earning his Eagle Scout rank. Stephen’s Eagle Project was Mary’s Garden at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Natchitoches, which he transformed into a lovely meditation area with seating and flowers.

Troop 60 will take a break in July, returning to regular meetings on Thursday, August 15 at the Wesley Center from 7-8 pm. All interested youth ages 11-17 are welcome. 

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