Voters meet new Campti mayor pro tem

Voters of the town of Campti were given the opportunity to formally meet the new mayor pro tem on July 2. Mayor LaRon Winslow shared with citizens that the purpose of the meeting was for him to officially let the citizens of Campti know that the mayor’s office was no longer vacant and that he was currently serving as interim Pro tem. Mayor Winslow shared that he plans to run for the office in the general election. He asked voters for their vote and let them know that he would like to work with everyone for the improvement of the town of Campti.

Mayor Winslow shared that the mayor’s office had been vacant for a few weeks. But the issue concerning the vacancy had been resolved. He also thanked all of the previous Mayors who served in the mayor’s office and worked to bring about positive change for Campti. He told citizens that for them to achieve what they would like to achieve in their town it would take all citizen working together.

Mayor Winslow also thanked the administration who was in office before him and the current administration for continuing to do a great job cleaning up the town of Campti. He pledged to work with the town council to transform vacant lots in Campti into properties prime for new home construction. He shared a desire to work with legal representation and the town council to provide public service workshops for town citizens on credit repair and home ownership. He stated, “We would like to invite finance and construction companies to discuss with our citizens the possibility of building new homes on vacant lots. This is a way to revitalize the Town of Campti.”

Mayor Winslow expressed his desire to seek a community beautification grant to support the Town of Campti’s cleanup efforts. The evening ended with citizens asking questions as the new Mayor for the Town of Campti provided much anticipated answers to community concerns.