Justin Lester District 4 Parish Council

“It is with much excitement that I announce my candidacy for District 4 Parish Council! When making the decision to run for this seat, I did it with no personal gain in mind. I did it with YOU the People in mind!
With the current condition of our Parish and your voices reaching out, yet being pretty much ignored… I want to be your voice, in the District 4 Parish Council Seat. I care about all of you and I care what you have to say. Your voices need to be heard. You, the people, are what makes Natchitoches Parish!

With that being said, I ask that you please consider me on Oct.12th to be your next District 4 Parish Council Member! I promise to work hard for you, I promise in every parish decision to keep what is best for YOU, the People, in mind!

I am looking very much forward to being able to serve our great Parish and all of you great people of this parish and working extremely hard to make a difference!”

With much appreciation!

Justin Lester
District 4 Parish Council Candidate

2 thoughts on “Justin Lester District 4 Parish Council

  1. Why not?

    He already has a major plus in his column, he’s not an incumbent.

    BTW, where is District 4 and who is the current clown, er, rep?

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