Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe coming to Natchitoches

Fontenot’s Cajun Café will open in the location formerly known as Dickeys Barbecue Pit sometime in mid-September. Ginny Waskom is proud to be able to bring her Cajun recipes to Natchitoches.

In the meantime, this location will be closed for renovations.

28 thoughts on “Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe coming to Natchitoches

    • We can, someone just needs to call walk on’s and pay for the franchise fee to open one. They may have a population requirement, or mileage proximity where they wont allow multiple restaurants within so many miles of one another, but until you do the research we will never know.

      People come on here always ask why cant we get a walk ons, buffalo wild wings, whataburger, etc. If you want one, reach out to the company and open one up. Stop complaining about what we don’t have and make a difference.

    • Initial Investment
      $1,215,500 to $3,998,700
      Financial Requirements
      Multi-Unit / Area Developers prepared to open three or more locations in four years
      $400,000 liquid per location – $1,300,000 net worth per location
      General Franchise Agreement Specifics
      Franchise Fee: $60,000 per location
      Franchise Agreement Terms: 10 years, 10 year renewal terms.
      Royalty: 5% of gross monthly revenues (paid weekly)
      National Marketing Fund: 2%
      WALK ON’S

    • Whataburger Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Whataburger Franchise. The total investment required to open a Whataburger restaurant is $1.2 million. Initial franchise fees are not available.
      FranchiseHelp › franchises › whatab…

    • Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Income. A minimum $750,000 in liquid cash is required to open a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, with investment levels between $1.5 million to $3.5 million.
      Franchise fee: $40,000
      Liquid capital required: $750,000
      Net worth required: $1,500,000
      Investment: $1,443,700 – $3,589,700

  1. I am so happy to see another restaurant open here in town, however I personally am not sure of that location. The reason? Parking. If it is going to be an eat-in restaurant, and it’s really good food and draws a crowd, where are the people supposed to park? Not a negative comment, just a concern in case it becomes my favorite restaurant and there’s not a place for me to park and I have to go home hungry..

      • M1, you should find the manners you should have been taught, and use them. If you will read it as written, I was not whining but just stating a fact. The last sentence was written tongue in cheek, and just trying to add a little humor to the comment. Obviously I failed with you, but I hope others can read it as I intended it. However, it is a fact, there is not enough parking there, and they could possibly lose business because of it. So just chill and try to be nice. There was no reason for you to be rude.

    • My point is everyone has to be negitive about something with everything.
      Their not even open and here we go! Plenty of parking right next door,you might have to walk an extra 30 ft. JUST ENJOY!

      • M1, my comment was not meant to be negative as I mentioned in the comment, just a statement about parking, and it it’s good food there might be a problem. You were rude and that was not called for. As for parking next door, will they allow it? I don’t know. As for me walking an extra 30 or probably more, I have back problems, just had surgery and still have issues, I don’t know if I could walk that distance. So don’t assume that it’s an easy fix to just park further away. Parking is a problem in this town, all over. I hope I can enjoy this new place because it sounds like a wonderful change. But a place with more parking and handicap parking available would be nice. Now M1, I hope you have a nice day, with no problems walking 30 feet or more. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. More of the same? Why can’t we have a restaurant that does something different–Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Thai? Well, I suppose we should be grateful that it’s not another fried chicken establishment.

      • In reply to Jason, opening a restaurant when you don’t know anything about running a restaurant is one of the reasons so many restaurants fail. I don’t think anyone here who has made suggestions is wishing anyone anything bad—just expressing the desire that we have more culinary variety here. Having lots of Cajun/Creole is great for tourists, and residents, of course, but it’d be nice to have some options for those of us who live here. No one has to feel attacked. But I will reiterate that it would be nice to have something available besides fried food—for those of us who have health issues (Vegetarians and people on restricted diets have even fewer options!) or who just want variety.

      • Point is, Pamela Francis, too many people think “the city” or some unknown force can pick up the phone and call corporate HQ of Olive Garden or Buffalo Wild Wings…Hello, this is Natchitoches calling, we want you to open a restaurant here, thanks. Doesn’t work that way.

        Besides, even if it could, would you trust “the city” to handle that level of financial commitment? OMG!

      • The Middle Eastern place closed because of bad management, not because of lack of business. Several of us waited in line several times to eat there. I, too, would love to see something besides yet another Cajun or fried food place. Heck, even an Olive Garden would be welcome!

  3. Good Cajun food is good, no, great! Remains to be seen if this establishment can produce truly “good” Cajun food. Simply calling it that, doesn’t make it that.

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