According to Kris: Tammy Metoyer Talks Business

By Kris James

TGIW Stylers! Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially when you’re living in a small town. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and style. So what better way to showcase a local business owner, than to shine a spotlight on someone who keeps Natchitoches looking stylish. I recently got a chance to catch up with Tammy Metoyer to talk timeless pieces, entrepreneurship, and everything fashionable.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy years back when we both participated in a local fashion show. I immediately introduced myself and asked her to be in my annual fashion show. She agreed to do it without any hesitation. Without even knowing me she supported my vision and believed in what I was trying to do. In a town where clothing stores tend to lack real fashion, her store has continued to push the fashion envelope. It’s the go-to spot for the socialites that are always looking to turn heads.

After buying the clothing store in 2013, Tammy has turned it into a fashion empire.

KJ: How did you get into the fashion business?

TM: Honesty, it just happened. The store was already in the process of closing when I asked the owner’s sister, who I worked with at St.Mary’s, if she’d be interested in selling it. I walked in and we made a deal. Three weeks later we were back open.

KJ: I guess it was meant to be!

TM: Yes! I was thinking if one thing goes wrong that’s it, but everything went smoothly. Working at Walmart was the only retail experience I had. I didn’t know anything about running a clothing store but I knew people and I knew customer service.

KJ: Who would you say was your biggest fashion influence?

TM: My customers are my biggest influence honestly. I like talking to ladies about what they’re looking for as they shop. As I shop vendor sites I look at the “most popular” styles and I order them. If it catches my eye then I just go for it.

KJ: One thing I love about your store is that it has something for everyone. In the retail business that’s hard to do without losing your brand’s identity

TM: Yes! I try to keep a wide variety of styles in the store for all ages from tweens to more seasoned ladies. You know, like my age. I’m a “boy mom” so I missed out on girl time. Now I dress all kinds of ladies. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing all of the smiling faces and the sweet “thank yous” I get from my customers.

KJ: What are some wardrobe staples for any occasion?

TM: I feel like every lady should have that fabulous black dress, a reliable jean jacket, that pair of perfect fitting jeans, and a few easy-to-wear t-shirts. But of course, you can NEVER EVER have too many shoes, purses, and jewelry.

In an era where online shopping is taking over Tammy has managed to find the secret to success. She continues to provide a great shopping experience and always keeps the ladies updated on affordable luxury items that won’t break the bank. Her store is a staple in Natchitoches and I can only see it getting bigger!

“Never overthink it, just go with it.” – Tammy Metoyer

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