University Parkway will close between Sam Sibley Dr. and Caspari St. for crosswalk construction

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), advises the public that starting Wednesday, July 24, 2019, LA 6 between Sam Sibley Dr. and Caspari St., construction will begin on crosswalks across University Parkway. The public needs to prepare for intermittent alternating lane closures for the duration of this work. The work is being performed under permit by a private contractor for Northwestern State University.

Permit/Detour section
No detour will be required for this construction.

Safety Reminder
All construction activity is weather dependent and may be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. DOTD appreciates the motoring public’s patience and reminds drivers to please exercise caution when traveling through work zone areas and be on the lookout for work crews and their equipment.

13 thoughts on “University Parkway will close between Sam Sibley Dr. and Caspari St. for crosswalk construction

  1. they need to out a gondola in a lot safer then a cross walk .I think a bar
    might be nice to across from the college instead of the kids going to the drinks
    lets bring the drinks to the kids and isn’t that what college is all about ? I am willing to bet somone gets hit by a big truck.

  2. If vehicles have to stop for each person going to get a chicken sandwich won’t that cause a traffic back up and affect tourism?

    • Just watch…pedestrians using the crosswalk and stopping traffic will not even have courtesy enough to walk as quickly as possible. I guarantee you will see them with their noses buried in the phones, texting and moving very slowly, perhaps even stopping in the middle of it to text.

      For some reason I get this image of those in big, jacked-up trucks, loud pipes, waiting for a pedestrian to depend on the crosswalk for “protection” and then the music from Jaws strikes up, when the shark is closing in for an attack.

      • What a dark sense of humor you have.

        Yes, the texting while walking is a pain in the tushie. But what makes it even more of an nightmare is when a pedestrian has on head phones (or do they call them ear buds now?) in addition to not paying attention. Then they can’t hear traffic noises around them, too. A terrible accident waiting to happen.

    • It’s interesting that no one has seen fit to do this before now, even though there has certainly been a need for a crosswalk for many years. As long as I can remember, there’s been a bookstore across the street from the library. But now that Chic-Fil-A is there, too, suddenly people are more interested in student safely crossing the road.

      Here’s a suggestion… Next time anybody wants to open a business that will be patronized mostly by NSU students, open it either on the University’s side of the street, or somewhere there’s less traffic to snarl up.

    • Not saying it’s a bad idea. Making anything safer is usually a good idea.

      But if the crosswalk is going to be between the traffic lights on University Parkway, it’s going to be terribly inconvenient for drivers if we have to stop 3 times within 100 yards.

  3. This crosswalk may be needed, but I’m not sure students will use it, as they seem to cross from the location of their apartment, which is usually between two streets. They want the shortest way across, not a cross walk. Now when I say this, not speaking of all students, just speaking of the many I see doing it. The reason I’m writing is to suggest that it would so much better to do it at night, when there is not as much traffic as there is in daylight hours. Why can’t things be done in a way that the public is not so inconvenienced, and making this a night job would certainly help traffic on this busy parkway. Just my take on this.

  4. What are the legalities of this crosswalk? Will traffic be required to stop for students, like on campus? Will there be stop lights? I understand student safety, but this seems like a traffic nightmare, especially since the land on the other side of the street isn’t University property.

  5. This crosswalk is badly needed for the safety of students coming from campus and for access to businesses along University Parkway. It is a welcome development that should benefit both sides of the Parkway.

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