According to Kris: Head Back to School in Style

By Kris James

TGIW! I hope my stylers been enjoying this beautiful weather because I have. This breeze feels like fall and it just brought something to my attention. Yup, it’s that time. Back-to-school! The season is quickly approaching. Not only does this mark the beginning to Pre-Fall fashion but it also marks a fresh start for some. Which means it’s time to redefine who you are. This can happen in either your style, a new fab attitude or even with the school essentials.

Don’t get me wrong. I like summer. I loved it as a kid, but there’s nothing like that back to school feel. I remember every trip to the mall and shopping for school supplies. I would beg my mom to go shopping two weeks early just so I could get a first look at the hot new items. As I got older I realized that it wasn’t just a back to school vibe, but more a feeling I got when it was time to shed old layers and hit the reset button.

Pre-Fall fashion sets the tone for back-to-school. How? Because the most influential person goes unnoticed. It’s the teachers who play the most influential role. I can still name every teacher whose personal style I loved and still remember.

The first day of school always sets the tone for how you want the rest of the year to flow. I’ll never forget how my eighth grade English teacher wore an electric blue sweater with a matching blue skirt. Then she belted it with a thin black belt. Of course, we told her it was the biggest fashion mistake but I respected her more for it. I remember this so well because of her bold move. I saw she had an interest in fashion so I was interested in what she had to say. It inspired me.

Lucky for you I love this time of year, so I decided to break this article into two parts. Saturday’s special edition will feature my back to school must-have list that my stylish teachers, parents, and students will need. So don’t wait before the first day comes around, check out my top pre-fall looks.

My Stylers know I love a slip dress and now my obsession continues with the skirt version. Paring it with a cardigan gives it all the 90s sophistication you need.

Let your pants do all the talking. From bold in your face prints or embroidered jeans, this fall it’s all about the pants.

BOLD animal print has been floating around for a while but now it’s bolder then ever and if you’re like me and scared of animal prints, I always pair mine with black. It will balance out the look.

Patchwork Denim is one trend that’s an oldie but a goodie. Ask your grandma. From a full head to toe look or wearing separates, you can’t go wrong.

“Dress how you want to be addressed.” – Unknown