Russell Rachal to seek re-election

I am excited to announce my intent to seek re-election Natchitoches Parish Council representing District 5.

As a business owner, husband, father and current Council Member for District 5, I want the people to know that it has been my honor and privilege to serve you over the last three and a half years. If the good people of Natchitoches Parish will allow me, I look forward to four more years to represent you.

My areas of interest include continuing to find ways to get our roads fixed so that we can travel them without tearing our vehicles up and making it to our destinations safely, keeping the public informed of what is happening in their government, and spending the money that is in our care in a responsible manner.

When I first ran, I had observed that the Natchitoches Parish Government had lost its way. Some people had good intentions, but the body was unable to act in a fashion that was productive for the parish. I saw opportunities in the parish had been squandered by trying to promote policies and ideas that simply were not right or had not been approached correctly.

I recognize that it’s important to conduct business legally and do the right thing because it’s impossible to do the right thing illegally.
The Council has escaped a reactive mode of handling problems created by members and former members of the jury/council. The Natchitoches Parish Government has an opportunity to be proactive, especially when it comes to finding new sources of funding for roadwork and other projects in the parish.

As promised when I ran for this office in 2015, I will continue to be transparent in all of my dealings, as I am representing you as your voice.

I have always been truthful with everyone that I have spoken with, and I pledge to continue to represent you in this same manner if re-elected.

I am asking for your continued support in the election on October 12, 2019 by voting for me as your Council member for Natchitoches Parish Council District 5.

Thank you and God Bless,

Russell Rachal

8 thoughts on “Russell Rachal to seek re-election

  1. Russell and Doug tried to get things done and were blocked too many times by the three stooges that would vote against anything they wanted to do. The stooges wanted the charter system to fail so they could go back to the jury system

  2. nobody from this council should be re elected there is no proof that
    they tried or will ever try to fix these roads.It seems the roads will be worse
    before they are better lets just spray paint the pot holes neon color so we can see them at night .

    • Interesting that you attempt to make a point by ignoring the fact that some on the Council did try to get needed road funding by allowing individual districts to vote on additional taxes for roads in their districts. We the people didn’t even get a chance to vote on it as it was defeated by those that want to go back to the failed PJ system of governance. Do you ever remember anything past last week? SMH

    • I suppose your FACTS supporting this fellow is the same as those you have failed to post re: that office.

      Still waiting…

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