LDH to begin enforcement of new crawfish and shrimp labeling law

Following action by the Louisiana Legislature and Gov. John Bel Edwards, restaurants and distributors that offer cooked or prepared crawfish or shrimp must notify their customers if these seafood items came from outside the United States. The notice must be printed on menus.

Gov. Edwards signed the legislation, Act 372, into law on June 20, 2019.

The Louisiana Department of Health will begin to enforce the law on September 1, 2019.

The menu notice must be immediately adjacent to the menu listing of the seafood item, and must be in the same font, size and shade as the item listed on the menu.

The law allows for the notice to be paper-clipped to the menu, with the same location, font and shade restrictions required on menu labeling.

Provide a sign posted at the main entrance to the establishment that states: “Certain crawfish and shrimp originate from a foreign country.”
The sign must be at least 18 inches tall and 18 inches wide, written in English.

Lettering must not be less than 1 inch in size.  The sign must be posted in a conspicuous location not less than 36 inches from the floor.

6 thoughts on “LDH to begin enforcement of new crawfish and shrimp labeling law

  1. Written in English? No Espanol? What about all these illegal imm…oh, sorry, all these asylum-seekers flooding into Louisiana? How dare you print warning signs in English. The first time one of these “seekers” eats seafood from their home country, and gets sick, they will sue the state!

    (and win…well, the lawyers representing them will win, not so sure about the client)

  2. Thank you for doing this. I personally want to know where my food originates. Like the article says, a piece of paper clipped to the menu can suffice until newer menues are needed. Front store signs are a good thing as are health department ratings.

  3. Just added a HUGE cost to the restaurant owners! Printed menus are very expensive. Village idiot in baton rouge needs to go!

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