Village of Clarence ordered to pay LDH fines

A judge in the 10th Judicial District Court in Natchitoches Parish issued a judgement on July 31 pertaining to the case Louisiana Department of Health Versus Village of Clarence. The judgement was rendered in favor of the plaintiff, Louisiana Department of Health, and against the defendant, the Village of Clarence, in the amount of $15,100 in fines. The judgement order Clarence to comply with the compliance order rendered by the LDH to correct its violations of the Public Health and Sanitary Code regarding the village’s drinking water and sewage.

6 thoughts on “Village of Clarence ordered to pay LDH fines

  1. Yes Clarence sure could use the upgrade very seriously the water is not drinkable are cook with barely can be used to shower are bath

  2. The former administration caused the problem and bled the village dry of all its funds. It neglected the water and sewage problems leaving a huge mess, used grant monies for pet projects leaving raw sewage running in homes and ditches and our pasture. All this was brought to the attention of all state and local officials many many times. Now that the new administration, village and community members are coming together to fix the problems you fine the village. The village’s problems stem from no money so how is fining them going to solve anything. Help them not penalize them for someone else’s incompetence.

  3. A tiny town that can’t afford $15,000 to spend on fines… I’m guessing its citizens knew and complained about the drinking water and sewage system long before the Dept. of Health had to intervene. Goes to show, if you ignore a problem, it comes back to bite you in the tushie sooner or later.

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