What in the World Can They Be Thinking?

By Joe Darby/Opinion

I believe it’s time for me to write another of my relatively rare columns on politics, because there’s something going on that I just can’t figure out.

I mean, I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I want to know, what in the world are the Democrats thinking? They desperately want to defeat the incumbent President and would do just about anything to accomplish that. But it seems to me that they are taking a track that could lose them the 2020 election.

First of all, polls consistently show that a majority of Democrats think socialism is a good idea. Really? On what they might base this opinion is far beyond my comprehension to figure out. Socialism has never worked and I don’t expect it ever will.

Some Dems point to the example of Scandinavian countries, as lovely, nice places to live and where socialism works quite well, thank you. Well, actually, free enterprise is alive and well in Scandinavia, although they do have massive social welfare systems, which eat up much of the populace’s income through taxes. For some reason they also have extremely high suicide rates.

No, socialism is government ownership and control of the means of production and distribution. A socialist government would own things like the railroads, the steel plants, the utilities, airplane and auto manufacturing companies, perhaps even department stores. The system implicitly insists that the government knows better than company owners and managers how many cars should be made this year, how much those cars should cost, how much steel will be made and where it will be sold, etc. etc. etc.

Such a wise and knowing government, friends, has never existed. Great Britain was on the road to a socialist utopia 40 years ago, except for the small fact that the system was ruining the country. Only the intervention of the great Margaret Thatcher saved Britain. Maggie’s government sold off all the industries and most of the utilities and even encouraged working class folks to buy their public housing residences. Some Brits though her obnoxious but she rescued the country.

Also, by its very nature, socialism requires a coercive government. The government must, by necessity, tell its citizens how they will live, what they can buy, how much they will pay and so forth. Again, the government would know better than you how you should live your life. The Democrats would obviously love that. Leftists on college campuses already want to tell us what we can say and how we should think. But that’s another story.

Want to see a good example of socialism in action? Look to Venezuela, an extremely coercive government that has practically paralyzed that nation and has caused such food shortages that people are suffering from malnutrition.

What else are the Dems up to? Well, I read recently that the Green New Deal would cause the cost of gasoline to go up $10 a gallon. So, we’d be paying $12.50 to $13 a gallon for regular. That’s $250 or $300 or more every time you fill up. Much more if you have a truck. So, for a plan that would completely wreck our economy and make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like flush times, go ahead and pass the Green New Deal.

The idea to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Experts say that would cause the loss of up to 3 million jobs because small businesses could not afford to pay such salaries and would have to lay off a good percentage of their staffs.

And let us not forget other Dem platforms — abortions at nine months, free college (not really free – who would pay?), open borders, free medical care for illegal immigrants, abolition of private health insurance. So, if the Dems were plotting to aid the reelection of Donald Trump, by far the most obnoxious, ignorant and embarrassing President we have ever had — or could hope to ever have — they should just continue on with their radical shift to the left. Trump will also be aided by the fact that the economy is booming, unemployment is down, particularly among blacks and Hispanics, and blue collar wages are growing.

I don’t like Trump. But I greatly fear the Democrats and what their policies would do to this country. I believe that millions of others may feel pretty much the same and would opt for a leader they hold in contempt over the frightening radical leftists who are taking over the Democratic Party. The country could — probably — survive four more years of embarrassment. A Democratic victory would likely ruin us.

39 thoughts on “What in the World Can They Be Thinking?

  1. In 2015 the U.S. spent $659,000,000,000 propping up the fossil fuel industry. Hate to tell you all but we already have socialism, but it’s for GOP donors.

  2. Well, just like the founders who sat around in 1776 talking about what kind of country they were trying to create, we have sat around our (cyberspace) tables and given our opinion on what kind of country we have and where it should go. That’s the good old American way. Freedom of speech still lives! Thanks, folks.

  3. A lot of people hated Obama for 8 yrs. How many Democrats liked losing their doctor or the astronomical deductions and the fines that were imposed if you didn’t buy into Obamacare. The reason people hate Trump so much is because he isn’t a politician but someone that calls things the way they are. So, if you have Socialist ideas and want everything free. Then vote for one of the wackos.

  4. I shudder to think what this country would be like today if Hillary had been elected. Amazing to watch videos of Nancy’s speeches about immigration when Obama was president. My how she and Schumer has changed. 8 of the worst years this country has ever had. Oh and which party wants to do away with the 2nd amendment?

    • I don’t want to do away with the 2nd Amendment. Don’t assume that we all have the same opinions. Do all the members of your party have the same opinions on everything? I can’t think of one group in the history of mankind that could all agree on everything.

    • Tell me what does “Make America Great Again” means to you??? Because I’m almost positive it doesn’t mean the same to me. So keep blaming Obama, Hilary about where this country is right now under this president. Actually you don’t have to look that far!

  5. Trump has disregarded the Constitution by bypassing the Constitutional Congressional ” power of the purse” with his executive order to fund a border wall. He has also defied subpoenas sent by House committees in their Constitutional mandated oversight function. By the time troops occupy Washington, it will be too late to vote him out .

  6. Jd, I hope you are more intelligent than to think Democrats want to destroy the constitution. I keep hoping that the Republicans can come up with a president who is not the lowest form of human to exist in the modern age. Political and moral philosophies can be carried out by decent people.

    • RR, when you say things like “…lowest form of human to exist…”, you label yourself a TDR victim and we ignore you. Just trying to help. Need to work through your anger, then think it through.

      • Richard, thank you for using your real name. My statement was made after 3 years of thought. I don’t know what TDR means so please explain. Since you replied, I don’t feel completely ignored. Thank you for your attempt to help. My impression of Donnie Boy isn’t going to change until he does. Have a nice day.

  7. Joe, I think you have misread “most” Democrats. Yes, there are several presidential candidates who lean to the left – some extremely, but they won’t survive the primary process because “most” Democrats aren’t socialists and won’t vote for them. So, let the process work itself out, and we’ll probably see a sensible candidate appear on the ballot. And, don’t believe the polls because they have a narrow focus that doesn’t really show the facts.

  8. I think what Democrats are really pushing is socialized medicine. Would any bipartisan Congress allow this country to become truly socialist? I seriously doubt it. Too many people would oppose it.

    But there is something to be said for socialized medicine. Are the systems in Scandinavian countries, Britain, or Canada perfect? Nothing ever is. But the astronomical cost of prescription drugs, hospital stays, doctor visits, etc. make it virtually impossible for the poor to afford the services they need. The diabetes medicine Metformin is $1000 for a month’s supply. Without Medicaid, I wouldn’t have any way to pay for it, and without the medicine, I would die.

    My 80-plus parents pay for Medicare Supplement Insurance and the cost goes up yearly. Why should the elderly even need supplementary insurance? If you’ve worked your whole life and contributed to the economy of this country, you shouldn’t have to buy private insurance (My humble opinion).

    Medicare and Medicaid brings me to another point. We already have socialized medicine. It’s just not available to everyone. In case you don’t know, the cost of everything related to healthcare is already controlled by governmental agencies. Medicaid doesn’t pay $1000 for my diabetes medicine, nor does it pay full price for any hospital stays, doctor visits, or durable medical equipment. All costs are adjusted down with those providers. Same thing with private insurance companies. Call it a discount, if you will, because providers and pharmaceutical companies know they’ll get paid. People who are uninsured often have to let bills go unpaid, even file for Chapter 13 or 7 (bankruptcy). Been there, done that.

    I could go on, but time and space prohibit. Just ask one of the millions of us unable to pay for insurance (and sometimes can’t even get it because of pre-existing conditions) or health care. They’ll tell you how hard it is to choose between paying the electric bill or for your kid’s antibiotics. Those are the kinds of choices no one should ever have to make.

    • If you pay 1000.00 a month for metformin you need to change pharmacy! I have no rx insurance and pay cash never paid over 5 bucks. Us good fx and sometimes you can find it free.

    • You’re getting ripped of if you’re paying that much for metformin! It’s dirt cheap without insurance.

      • I said I DON”T pay that. It’s dirt cheap if you have Medicaid, but not everyone qualifies for it.

    • This is what every day life for the people who are not privileged, who have to pay for medicine that is needed to live.

      • Earnestine Armstrong download Goodrx you can’t believe how much I save on some of mine. It’s all I have right now and it saves me a ton of money on prescription drugs. And it cost nothing. Most all pharmacies here accept it.

  9. Did you read anything in the topic the man just posted? ANYTHING? read it and research and see he’s right on all points! You’re just another Trump hater who would rather see Trump fail then see the country win. READ DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING CNN AND THE DEMS BOTTLE FEED YOU! Go study what’s going on in Venezuela THATS THE REAL DEAL going on there! They are not a poor country,they are sitting on one of the largest oil deposits on the planet and the people are starving in the streets! LOOK IT UP! If that’s what you people want move there! Dems all saying free stuff!! Nothing is free! Somebody’s got to pay for it! THINK!!!

    • It seems to me we have all these socialists already living in Natchitoches. Since, all I hear about is the roads and how they want the parish government to fix them. For example, Freeman loop rd, if you add up all the taxes paid into the district 40 rd tax from the people with an address on freeman loop they paid a grand total of $330 into the fund but they believe the parish should pave their road. If you look at the taxes paid by homeowners on these backwoods parish roads you will see that they want socialism.

  10. You need to learn more about economic systems. Socialism is not government control of products, it is control by the people. Publix is an example of a company in the United States that does very well under the model.

  11. The Democrat debates last night proved that there are moderate Democrats in this race such as Biden and Klobacher. There is a sensible alternative to Donald Trump. Four more years of Donald Trump would be not only an embarrassment but also a death sentence for our Constitution and the rule of law.

    • You must be one of the very few watching that station last night. The newspapers have panned the debate and CNN for the tough questions or lack thereof. The apparent total absence of concern for the Mueller hearing\report and\or Trump impeachment support questions spoke wonders to the honest concern to both matters by candidates all! It may signal, as Trump would say, “The witch hunt is over”..

      Very sadly, there are no folks on the left running that would be an improvement to Trump. The man is an arrogant bully but he is no threat to our constitution. And, it is just overtly alarming cries as those that cause moderate independents as I to question the real intentions of all Democrats. Other than embarrassment, what constitutional crises have been caused by Trump? Are there troops occupying Washington? Has he called for the abolishment or any changes to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.?

      I think it is time to chill and let Trump play his head games. The winner will be he or she who wins the most electoral college votes. And we, the reasonable People, need to start getting our acts together to save our country financially from all the HUGE spenders in Washington, Chicago, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. for the sake of children and grand children.

      • The only ones I hear that want to destroy the constitution are Democrats. People you really need to ficus on keeping our country free rather than your childish hate of Trump. Trump is president and so far a good one grow up.

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