Death penalty sought for mother who conspired to kill infant son

A notice of intent to seek the death penalty was filed with the 10th Judicial District Court on Aug. 1 in the case of the State of Louisiana Versus Hannah Barker.

Barker was charged with first-degree murder in connection with the July 18 death of her infant son, who was found after being burned in a ditch fire. Barker reported the child was kidnapped from her home in Natchitoches. After an investigation it was uncovered that the kidnapping report was a ruse to hide a plan she hatched to have Felicia Marie Nicole Smith kill the boy. Barker and Smith were in a relationship together. Their cases are being tried separately.

16 thoughts on “Death penalty sought for mother who conspired to kill infant son

  1. I agree with Matt. These 2 don’t deserve to stay in prison. They need to be excuted for their crimes.

  2. I think the death penalty is too good for them. I think they should be put in general population in the worst prison and then let the guards turn their backs. The death penalty is an easy way out for people like this. They deserve to be tortured just like that innocent baby was.

    • i don’t think so (the one who is afraid to use their name ).
      She murdered an innocent child with the help ofe her girlfriend
      to avoid drug charges and she lied to the police from the get go….
      I believe if your a pedophile,rapist orc child killer you need to die as well
      and I as a tax payer like yourself whom ever you are don’t wanna pay for her to eat and sleep in prison for the rest of her life.

      • How about castrating rapists and pedophiles? Do they still chop off a thief’s hand in Middle Eastern countries? Does it keep the crime rate down?

        The sad thing is that a large percentage of pedophiles and rapists were molested/raped as children.

        But child killers? Like I said earlier, why should they get to live when they cut another human being’s life so short? And the way these women did it…. what kind of monster does that?

    • I used to think the death penalty was cruel. I used to think only God should make the decision to end a human’s life. But some people commit such horrendous crimes, it seems unfair that they get to live, even if it’s in a cell for the rest of their lives.

  3. I hope to god they get the death penalty handed to them,this little
    boy had no chance with these monsters who only cared about drugs.
    The only sad part is they will probably sit on prison for years before they die .

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