Tim Page remains unopposed after qualifying ends

I would like to thank the citizens of Natchitoches Parish for allowing me to run unopposed for the office of Assessor. My goal will always be to administer my duties with honesty and fairness in according with the guidelines and laws entrusted to me. I am honored to fill this position and look forward to serving each one of you in the years to come.

-Tim Page

6 thoughts on “Tim Page remains unopposed after qualifying ends

  1. I told you I’d vote for you only if you ran unopposed…well.

    Just kidding! You and your staff have always been awesome, helping any and all who need it (especially me!) Congratulations Tim!

    • Tim, you are tremendously qualified and quite a pleasure to work with at all times! Thank you for your prior service which was rendered in a warm, gracious and appropriate manner. Best wishes on your tenure as the Natchitoches Parish Assessor.

      To Mrs. Dollie, you are succeeded by someone of equal talents and abilities. Congratulations on your years of service. Now, enjoy your well-deserved retirement with your family and friends.


      Coley Gahagan

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