Joe Morgan: Natchitoches Parish Council Member District 1

To the voters of District 1, my name is Joe Morgan and I’m announcing my candidacy for Parish Council Member for District 1. I’m a lifelong resident of Natchitoches Parish with 26 years of experience with a major company in Natchitoches and 18 years of experience as a General Contractor in this area.

Having been raised on a small farm in District 1, I learned early in life the meaning of hard work, dedication and the importance of solving difficult problems through collaborative efforts.

I believe with the right leaders in our parish government we can overcome the obstacles facing our parish. I have the experience, dedication and passion for this community to be successful as your Parish Council Member.

The primary reason I seek this office is because I truly believe our parish government has become ineffective for the people of Natchitoches Parish. It’s time for a change; it’s time for new, innovative ideas and new leaders. The new president and council must be able to develop a comprehensive plan to improve our parish roads, bridges and other services that are critical to our parish infrastructure. Improving our roads and bridges is the only way to bring new industries and job growth to our parish, this is the responsibility of our elected parish government. We owe this to our children and grandchildren so that they have job opportunities and can make a life for themselves in our parish. We can’t expect our residents, school buses and first responders to continue to drive on substandard and dangerous roads and bridges.

I will devote all my energy in assisting the new president and council in finding resources and resolutions to repair and properly maintain our roads and bridges, improve garbage pick-up, and all other services that impact parish residents. If you are ready for a positive change, please consider me Joe Morgan for your Parish Council Member for District 1. I would appreciate your vote on October 12th.

Please get out and vote, it’s the only way change can happen.

Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you and yours.


4 thoughts on “Joe Morgan: Natchitoches Parish Council Member District 1

  1. And I agree! But if people don’t take the hype blinders off and see the big picture and look at the people running for parish president,things for the parish will only get worse. The only one who will benefit is the city. Have never seen the meat pie mafia stumping so hard for one man. The clique backing him says a lot.

    • The late entries into the president’s race is the talk of the town/parish. But, I don’t have a clue who’s behind what. Everyone else seems to know though. Am I the only clueless one?

      • Neither do the ones throwing it out there. City people just trying to get there guy elected by any means. Funny they never shown this much interest in it until now. Get their guy in as president and they have it all wrapped up. Old natchitoches politics as usual.

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