Marty Cheatwood: Candidate for Natchitoches Parish Council District 4

I would like to announce my candidacy for Natchitoches Parish Council District 4. As a lifelong resident of Natchitoches Parish I have been saddened by the state of our current Parish Council and I know we deserve better. I know we can do better. We can’t be divided among ourselves. It will not work and we will not see progress with this state of mind.

Our Parish is faced with many issues and we need people who will strive to find ways to fund our road repairs and cut waste where we can. We need new faces. We need progressive thinking, and more importantly we need progressive action.

I spent 32 years in the wood industry working in various capacities including purchase orders, budgeting, working closely with CPA’s and other administrators for the success of our company.

I’ve been married to Jean Cheatwood for 38 years. Together we have one son Michael, who is married to Katie, and one grandson. I have served as deacon at River of Life Church for 30 years.

I have a proven record of working well with others and pulling from my past experiences to make sound judgements. I humbly ask for your support on Oct. 12 for Natchitoches Parish Council District 4.

Marty Cheatwood
Campti, LA

7 thoughts on “Marty Cheatwood: Candidate for Natchitoches Parish Council District 4

  1. I’m voting for you and urging District 4 voters to please join me. My hope is to OUT the three stooges that continue to be so disruptive, negative, rude, self serving and who are an embarrassment to our Parish. Please join me!

  2. I know this question was not addressed to me, and I am running in District 3 (#91), but I definitely support the HRC. I have been re-reading the charter carefully and there is no reason for it not to be an effective form of government. Just have to have the right people in there.

    I am also combing through the road maintenance expenditure accounting (about 140 pages). Interesting.

  3. Glad to see someone running against the incumbent. I also want to know if you support the Home Rule Charter form of government.

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