Farm Bureau: Meet Alex Rodriguez

Hi, I’m Alex Rodriguez and I am the newest agent at Farm Bureau Insurance in Natchitoches. Just so you know a little bit about me, I ride road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and pretty much all bikes. I love working out, but I also love the food around here. Health and fitness has been a passion of mine for the past 6 years and it will always have a place in my life. I love the outdoors from the woods to the beach to the mountains. I have been blessed to travel all around the world, and more blessed to return, to this great country, safely. A lot of people I talk to think that I smile too much, but I’ve got a lot to smile about. I have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend, Eden Price, who is a fantastic history teacher at Natchitoches Central. I grew up in a family of 11 here in Natchitoches, and family is everything to me. I do not yet have children of my own, but when you are the oldest of 9, there is still responsibility. I am proud of my younger siblings and excited to see them grow up. I’m proud of my parents too. Both of my parents and my Dad’s mother are doctors in town, and they taught me the importance of community, service and hard work. It is my goal, working with Farm Bureau, to provide for my family and give others the ability to provide for their families even in their darkest times.

I graduated from Northwestern State University in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. NSU gave me some of the best years of my life and I will always support my university. I am currently working toward my Master’s degree in Health Promotion. I got to work at Brookshire’s as a 16 year old and I have not quit working jobs around town since then. I’ve mowed grass, put out water slides, read water meters, tutored and taught classes at NSU, planned events with the City of Natchitoches and a lot more. My favorite part of all of these jobs was helping people. I see anyone I am helping as friends and family more than customers. This job is a perfect fit for me and I am so blessed to be given the opportunity. Many people are not certain of their coverages until it is too late and I have seen this too many times with my friends and family. That is enough about me, I’d love a chance to meet you!

I am thrilled to work with the amazing staff here in the Natchitoches office! Lance Lopez, Abe Ackel, Kyndal Harrell and Donald Brown are all great agents and role models for me to learn from. I am beyond ready to serve this fantastic community through Farm Bureau.

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