32 thoughts on “Natchitoches Hardee’s: CLOSED

  1. Problem is not Hardee’s or KFC’s or Chicken Express’s. The problem was that more food goes out the back door than the front. Labor force is unreliable at best. The town should be able to but availability of dependable, hard working, food service staff is very limited. 5-fingered discounts, not showing up when scheduled, and too many other negative issues make it impossible for a franchise to make it And yes there are some who have but overall conditions have changed over the years. My thoughts from an educated observation.

  2. I did a little research. Apparently Hardee’s is splitting with its sister company Carl’s Junior. According to a report in USA Today………“Carl’s Jr. is West Coast cool, bold, aggressive, impossible to ignore, famous for very disruptive advertising strategies. Hardee’s is far more authentic and proud,” CEO Jason Marker said. “We refer to it as ‘down-home food done right.’ ”

    The article further states…… “Now, instead of advertisements featuring bikini-clad women – from Paris Hilton to supermodel Kate Upton – devouring sloppy burgers, Hardee’s is after a more wholesome image with its food taking center stage.”

    For those of you who don’t know…… “Carl’s Jr. operates mostly on the West Coast with 1,152 U.S. locations. Hardee’s dominates in the Southeast and Midwest with 1,865 U.S. locations.”

    AND……. “Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. have unique personalities, and customers fit them into their lives in different ways. Hardee’s, for instance, counts on breakfast for 47 percent of its overall business, compared to Carl’s Jr., which derives only 17 percent from mornings.”

    HOWEVER…… “Separating the brands will mean store redesigns for Hardee’s, which is slated for 10 remodels by September and about 100 by January.”

    It’s possible the store closure is temporary, and it will reopen as soon as the legalities of splitting up a huge fast-food chain are over. Just like with corporate mergers, everything gets shaken up.

  3. Honestly, every time I went there something was wrong with our order. I or my wife ate there three or four times a week. My wife took back a burger they had not dressed and they gave it back to her with the dressings but no meat patty and that was after a 20 minute wait. Also, waited for breakfast in the drive through 32 minutes. I hate to see it go. It had great potential. I’m sorry that the management did not have better control over it. In this type of business management is everything.

  4. Someone took a beating on that deal. Exactly why we can’t get places like Whataburger because ppl won’t support it. Actually there’s too many eating places here already not enough population to support all of them. Sad but true!

      We believe our success is a direct result of our ability to select top, inspiring and knowledgeable leaders to grow our brand across the country.

      Initial Investment
      $1,215,500 to $3,998,700
      Financial Requirements
      Multi-Unit / Area Developers prepared to open three or more locations in four years
      $400,000 liquid per location – $1,300,000 net worth per location
      General Franchise Agreement Specifics
      Franchise Fee: $60,000 per location
      Franchise Agreement Terms: 10 years, 10 year renewal terms.
      Royalty: 5% of gross monthly revenues (paid weekly)
      National Marketing Fund: 2

      Walk on’s franchise cost

    • Someone (actually I know who but won’t post their name) tried to open a strip club on Highway 1 South (appropriately referred to as “the strip”). It was zoned to allow such a business and no legal reason to block it, but the powers that be in Natchitoches panicked and pulled a fast one using some wraggling to delay the permit until they could, behind close doors, re-zone the area, and then, oh look, sorry, such a business is not allowed.

      I don’t think “the strip” is the best place for such an establishment, but the illegal/unethical manner it was handled should alarm people. What if it was another kind of business, but for personal reasons, the city council/mayor didn’t want it? They could use the same illegal tactics to rezone the area. They got away with it once, why not again?

  5. I ate at Hardy’s every morning. The foot was good, the staff was friendly and the inside was clean. It costs a little bit more then McDonalds but the food was much better. Homemade biscuits were delicious. Sad to see this place have to close.

    • I’m upset to see it go, too. I never had a bad experience there. Very polite staff, both inside and manning the drive-thru. Patties much better and thicker than any other fast food in town. Enough of the fast food now. Wish Natchitoches could support another chain restaurant. But I guess it can’t.

    • I agree. The staff was always friendly and helpful with me and I was able to get chicken sandwiches with lettuce wraps and other low carb options. They also made me iced coffee before they even offered it on the menu. I like that they were not always crowded, though I understand that’s likely one reason it was a problem to stay open. People are so negative with new places here but they keep hollering for new ones and then don’t patronize them regularly.

  6. shoot I a ate there Sunday and they gave me a free biscuit for me
    having to wait .It is a shame this city can’t keep anything and yet
    NSU got a new Steak N Shake…city ought to hire NSU to run they’re
    business issues at least we would have better places to eat .

  7. It took forever to get through the drive through. Although their food was decent. Sad to see another establishment close.

  8. I sure loved their Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich! But the last couple times I went by the food was not as good. Hamburgers were delish too! I have to say I never saw many customers though…not sure why. Employees out of work, yet again. So sad!

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