Pack the Bus and See a Gator!

Lakeview Jr & Sr High School had a special guest this week! Morgan Weaver from the Natchitoches Les Amies Service Organization stopped by to donate school supplies as part of their “Pack the Bus” event. In what has become an annual ritual, the Ladies of Les Amies drop by Lakeview at the beginning of each year to donate much needed school supplies for our students and visit for a few minutes. According to Principal Hymes it is these acts by community organizations that begin to build webs from our school to our communities to our businesses that will create pathways for our students to follow to help them become successful. When they see that people are invested in them they will often times begin to invest in themselves.

Thank you Natchitoches Les Amies Service Organization for your service to our students. We greatly appreciate you!

2 thoughts on “Pack the Bus and See a Gator!

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of prepositions in sentence 3.

    Where was the gator? Did the Les Amies Ladies bring a live gator from the Alligator Park?

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